Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some random things...

We've been a little crazed around the Mikkelson house lately. Things have been very busy with the baby's arrival right around the corner. Here are some of the more random things that have been occurring.

1. Bark Busters

We had the Tucson/Australia version of the dog whisperer come to the house. Sandy and Opie have certain behaviors that drive me absolutely crazy and our new friend, Gerard, assured us that with his help, practice and patience, we would work them out. One of the big things is when people come to the door. It drives me nuts that they bark like crazy and then push their way up there- plus I physically can't hold Opie anymore. He is way too strong and heavy for me. So, Gerard came, received the full effect of the door opening and helped us figure out hope to stop it. Granted, the dogs are by no means "fixed" already, we have A LOT of work to do still, but it was very interesting. Eric and I learned how to "speak and think k-9". The thing that I love is that it's not a physical training- there is no choking or hitting involved. Anyway, he will come to the house 3 more times to help us with our trainings and soon they will be able to sit in the same place every time someone comes to the door and wait until we release them! Holy moly!
All I can say is THANKS DAWN! I remember when Ranger did it! Here are some pictures:
This is Gerard, attempting to walk Opie without a halti

This is Gerard finding out that walking Opie is a little harder than expected... so he is putting on a halti.
It isn't a muzzle, it actually doesn't hurt at all- and it helps tremendously!

Here is Opie with it on... It isn't tight... it's actually too big and that's why it's up at his eyes.

2. Delaney gets a shide.

Too add to Delaney's "sh" vocabulary, my parents bought a slide for their house! She loves it! We have to put on her "sliding pants and socks" though because otherwise, her little booty gets stuck to it and so do her toes and she flies forward. Anyway, she calls it her shide and she is hilarious on it!

3. The little kids rooms....

Eric has been hard at work fixing up the little kids' rooms. Here is Delaney's BIG SISTER ROOM!

We got her a toddler bed, because a real bed would just be a trampoline for her. We don't so much trust her:)

She just learned how to say cheese, so that's what she is doing here (on her big girl bed)

And again CHEESE!!

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