Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where do I begin?

It's not like me to go so long without blogging, but this time it was unavoidable. I can't believe that my baby is already 6 weeks old! And my older baby- she's 19 months old. The past 6 weeks have been a bit of a blur. Getting used to a newborn again and having Delaney was a bit of a challenge. She really wants my attention and frankly I know she deserves it too! It is very hard to please both at once, but we are getting the hang of it. When Brody was about 2 1/2 weeks old, I was driving the long way home from my parents house through the neighborhood that Eric and I love. It just so happened that a for rent sign went up and I called Eric to let him know. We hadn't planned on moving, but for some reason, I felt like I couldn't just let this go. He called the number immediately and the landlord told him that he had just put up the sign! FATE- I think so! We made an appt with him to look at the house the next day.

So, the next day arrives and I am dragging Delaney up the stairs while holding Brody to get ready, all the while thinking "God I hate stairs". We finally get ready and head over to my parents. Thank goodness for them and the swimming pool. This was the first time she has been in since last year. Her suit is so funny- it has an inner tube in it!

Delaney's awesome suit!

Sitting on the edge, she wasn't too sure about this big tub yet.This picture cracks me up. My dad got in the pool with all his clothes on because "she wanted me to get in". I was inside and saw him jump in- my heart dropped as I saw him go, I thought something happened. Luckily, my parents don't indulge her:)

The good big brother that he is... swimming with Delaney (or playing basketball:)

And Brody, sleeping through it all!

I leave the munchkins with them and make the long 3 MINUTE drive to the house. We walk into this house and all I see is YELLOW. Not just yellow- BANANA yellow. Seriously, the whole house is yellow. And the other thing that I am focused on is the wet bar. What the hell is a wet bar? All I know is that there is a bar and a sink next to where the TV goes!

There it is... in case you get dirty while watching TV

But as hard as those things were to NOT focus on, I soon focused on the absence of stairs and then I saw this....

AAHHHHH.... the pool and the big, covered backyard! OK, an old house with lots of potential, close to family and civilization, one story- SOLD! I knew that with my talented husband, the BANANA could quickly go bye bye and we could make this house great. We told him we were super interested and signed a 2 year lease, with a possible option to buy!! We love this house. It is so big! It's almost 3000 sq. feet, 4 bedrooms, wet bar, sunk ion living room, white tile.... ok so the last three things I don't love, they add character and make me feel like I am in the 70s. I of course was not born in the 70s so I don't feel a connection, but ERIC on the other hand, must feel right at home:)

So, we had to make the move FAST and we did. What a pain the butt!! All I could think about was how crazy we must be to be doing this with an infant. The funny thing is, BRODY was easy, it was Delaney that made everything difficult! So, we packed. I was excited about the move. I got a little sad when I would think about all the firsts that happened in that house though. That was the first house Eric and I bought together. That was where I got pregnant with both babies and brought them home there. That's where Delaney did all her big firsts- sitting up, crawling, walking, talking... Plus, the kid's rooms were gorgeous. Eric had just finished Brody's when all this occurred. That made me sad. So bear with me as I stroll through memory lane...

Eric & me at the Air Show- I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Delaney!

The first time she had food! 4 months old!

The first time I realized that she is not so clean!

Her first 4th of July!


Her first birthday!

Her first Halloween- Thanks AUNT Sarah!

Her first room!

Brody's first day home with us!!
His first room!

I know that this house will bring a whole bunch of new firsts and that is exciting. It has already been the setting for some. For instance, the first full day we were there Eric and Daylen were swimming and Danielle was sitting on the edge of the pool with Delaney and the poor little girl got stung by a bee on her booty!!

That's Daylen upside down!!

This is after swimming and the bee sting- they were tired.

Eating dinner outside!

We are just starting to get settled. It turns out that unpacking is WAY harder with two little ones that constantly need your attention. The mess is driving me absolutely crazy!!!!

This is Delaney helping me "unpack". She was highly annoyed with me!

I can't even put him down without Delaney "helping":)

Moving made him sleepy.

It made her sleepy too!

I do want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Ian and Courtney. You guys saved us! You are true friends and we love you!

And thank you mom and dad and Danielle and Joe. We couldn't have done it without you.

And this is how Danielle spent her days helping- Delaney in a wagon, with a popsicle and puffs! She made her go round and round!

We plan on having a pool party soon.....


  1. The house sounds perfect! You guys will be very happy there :)

  2. We love the new house and really love that you're only 5 minutes away! Here's to lots and lots of happy memories...and lots of firsts for both Brody and Delaney!

  3. WOW!! You guys sound like us!! We moved into one house when I was 9 months pregnant, then moved again when Madison was 2 months old. It's ohh so fun!! The house looks great and I am soooo jealous of the pool!! Congratulations!!
    Jenn W.

  4. I love your house too! I would love to come by and see ya. Talk to you soon.


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