Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So many things....

I know that I have been neglecting my blog lately, and I do have some reasons, but those reasons will be for a post in the not so distant future. So I thought I would update it with some pictures that I love! Sorry it's been so long Nanny!!!!! :)

The First Big Storm:
Holy moly did it rain! We went outside on our super porch to watch and Delaney was amazed. She kept walking around saying "oh wow!" You have to hear her say it to really appreciate it. It is the cutest "Oh wow" ever!

Eric & the dogs just chillin

Eric said... Just let her go.... so I went against everything I stand for and let her get wet and dirty while just wearing a diaper1 Never thought I would see the day. BUT I don't want to be one of THOSE moms!

Doing the Booty shake in the rain!

Papa's 70th Birthday party:

Eric's step-dad turned 70 and had an awesome party.

Before we left... Brody looks thrilled huh?

The two prettiest sisters:)

Man she's pretty.

Papa and Grandma Melinda with the Mikkelsons

Delaney is really into dancing right now. At the party they had a band and she was in heaven!

Brody was partied out

On a side note, I had to put this on here. I made Monkey Bread for Father's Day and it actually turned out! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me! I had to take a picture!

This is one of his "classic looks"- I think it's because he can't believe how crazy it is here!

Just hanging out on the scorchingly hot porch!

Daylen's 11th Birthday:

We had dinner over at our house for Daylen's birthday and the boys swam... it was very low key, but fun!

The 4th of July:
Jacob's (our nephew) birthday is on the 4th of July so we went over to their house for awhile to hang out. When we got home it was SO stinking hot out that we had to go swimming. I wanted to go to which is difficult with Brody (cuz he's not supposed to go in yet). We made an executive decision and took Brody swimming for the first time! It was a great family 4th of July!

I love this picture... Delaney is SCREAMING cheese and Brody is looking at her like she is nuts!

Here is my little man!

Hmm... I think this is ok....

Yay! I like this!

The big girl just getting right in!

My babies and fluffy me!

After the pool, we needed them both to have a bath so Eric, being the "problem solver" that he is decided that we should bathe them together. I, of course, protested this because Brody can't sit up and his infant tub won't fit in the bath with Delaney in it. So, we did this:

Yes, that is the Bumbo and yes, it does specifically say DO NOT USE IN THE BATHTUB, but it worked! He floats a bit, but Eric has a good grip on him!

After a couple minutes Delaney decided that she's ok with "Bro" in her bath! Too cute!


  1. Still smiling after reading about your last few weeks! You are a great mommy (which is why we don't blog ALL the time!) Trynnity recognized Delaney and kept saying "She my fwend! oh wook it dar she is gain!" She is still up after 2 1/2 hours of fighting her to get in bed! Hope to see you soon!!!oxox

  2. Delaney is the cutest! And I love Brody's little smile. You have such a great family Nic!!! And I love Delany's swim suit! She looks great. I have another installment for you!! Give me a call!!! \
    Jenn W.

  3. those pics were so cute. I can't believe how big Brody is. Your kids are adorable, Delaney looks like she is just loads of fun! Can't wait to see you guys!


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