Sunday, July 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (July 20-26)

Okay, this is my first time actually posting my menu for the week. Before Brody was born I planned all our dinners for the week and wrote them on our weekly white board on the fridge. Well, in an attempt to return to some state of normalcy, I started again. I am OBSESSED with the blog I'm an organizing junkie and she has a place to post your website with your menu. I look on it every week and decided this was the week to post! If you want more ideas or just want to check it out, her button is on the side!

Monday: Taco Casserole, Spanish rice
Tuesday: Macaroni Grill meal- Chicken Herb and Penne, Salad
Wednesday: Chicken with broccoli and garlic sauce
Thursday: Salsa Chicken, Spanish rice
Friday: Ranch chicken, Spaghetti squash, mashed potatoes
Saturday: Fajitas

Maybe next week I will figure out how to link the recipes!


  1. Ooh, Wednesday and Thursday sound especially good to me!

    Welcome to MPM!

  2. Welcome to MPM!

    I just made a mexican/taco casserole last week. They're delish!

  3. First I had to act like I was going to copy and paste so I could read the section, little dark. Anyway sounds like a chicken week. When's dinner?, just kidding, I think. Anyway hope all is well.

  4. Do you have the recipe for the taco casserole? That sounds yummy.


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