Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lazy... Lazy... Lazy...

Okay, so I haven't really been LAZY, I just haven't had the time to do the blog. I have been wanting to and then something comes up or out (Brody is notorious for his spit up action). SO here I am. I am going to ATTEMPT to do this in one night... we shall see.

Brody became a big boy this past month. He turned 3 months old we decided that it was time to move him into his crib. He has been sleeping in the bassinet right next to our bed since he came home form the hospital. Man, it was convenient. He would wake up, I would ROLL OVER, change him in bed (thanks to a tip from Dawn:) and then feed him- never once getting out of bed. Plus, I loved that he was right there. Needless to say, he was outgrowing it rather quickly. His head was basically touching the top, so I had no choice. SIGH.... So, he is in his crib now like a big boy.

Here he is, his last night in our room :(

In his big boy crib!

At his 3 month appt. (we didn't go to month #2 b/c we changed doctors and this was the soonest we could get him in) weighed 15 lbs. 13 oz. and he is 25 inches tall! Holy Moly! That put him in the 90th percentile for a 3 month old. He is a big fella.

His 3 month birthday! That's our Monkey!

Dressed in his best threads to welcome home our friend Steve from Iraq!

Tipping the scales at Dr. Couchman's

This was after his shots... he was vary sad.
Later that evening, after the shots, his baby comforts him every night!

The two crazy kids!

Speaking of crazy, Delaney is now 21 months old. It's crazy, I look at Brody and think back to when Delaney was that age, granted, it wasn't THAT long ago, but it still amazes me how fast it all goes. Delaney definitely keeps me on my toes. She is down right exhausting, from morning (very early morning) til night. She is so funny though! Her personality is great!

Lately she has been putting anything she can on and pretending like it's a necklace. Here, for example, she has a pair of my chonies around her neck. She did this for 3 days... she would cry when I would take them off.

Here is my purse, as a necklace, again crying when it had to come off.

Munchie after her shots... it's way worse when they can actually say "Ow momma".

Delaney finished her Movers and Shakers class... each kid got to get up on the "stage" and get special stamps in front of the whole class!

I have been watching my friend Courtney's son, Braydon, once a week. They love to play together. Braydon is only one day older than Delaney! This was after some serious playing... I put on Horton Hears A Who and boom, they were out!
Munch being Munch

And this pretty much sums up Delaney... wearing Daylen's shoe, with a pen and paper on the floor...

Football season is right around the corner! Daylen started practicing already and we are ready to get our new Mikkelson shirts! As most of you know, I am a HUGE Bears fan. Brian Urlacher is my McDreamy.... I love football and I love the Bears. Our household has a unique atmosphere during football season. I love the Bears, Eric loves the Patriots, Daylen loves the Ravens and Kaylie is a Green Bay girl. Delaney and Brody don't have a choice yet, but see that is why it pays to be the one who dresses them! I have this onesie from when Delaney was a baby and I noticed it was getting too small for Brody. I had to take a picture of him in it before I will it to my friend Bridget, who is having a boy in 2 months!

So here is my little Bears fan!

I love this one, but I forgot to rotate it. SO, humor me and turn your head sideways.



  1. Love all the pics honey! They truly show everyone's personality! And don't worry - you're not lazy....I've spent time alone with the two under two - and I know how exhausted you are!

  2. Your little ones have gotten so big. Jason is the same, 8 months 20 lbs. YIKES! Where does the time go? James in 2nd grade, Jessica 4.


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