Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Wholesome Family Weekend

This past weekend Eric and I decided to have a garage sale. UGH. I hate garage sales. The preparation, the early morning, the people, the clean up, etc. We ended up doing really well! And to top it off, a man from a church nearby came and took whatever was left over for a yearly rummage sale. It was great! After cleaning up, we decided to go swimming. Delaney is a little fish now (with floaties) and Eric and Daylen try to out do each other off the diving board. It is actually quite comical to watch. We had a great time.
Brody and Daylen

Now, Brody was a little tired when we went into the pool. I thought for sure the water would wake him up. Not so much....



He stayed asleep the rest of the time!

Delaney saying "SHET GO" SHET GO" and then jumps!

Daylen and Delaney. He amazes me. I don't know one other 11 year old boy that would watch his little sister in the pool while his DAD jumps off the diving board!

Shooting water out his noodle. (That wasn't supposed to sound gross)

Oh yeah, Go munchie go munchie!

And Brody enjoying himself.

After a long afternoon in the pool, we had a great dinner that consisted of New York Pizza and beer. Doesn't get much better than that folks.
On Sunday, we decided to escape the heat and head up to Mt. Lemmon. It seems as though we were not the only ones with this brilliant idea (actually it wasn't even my idea, Heather told me about Music on the Mountain). Music on the Mountain was packed! We couldn't even find a place to park. We ended up at Rose Canyon Lake. This was kind of a bummer because we were trying for a "free" day. Since we have started budgeting, we have been coming up with free or very inexpensive activities to do. We thought that we had a free one, but it costs $8 to go into Rose Canyon for the day. Whatever. Anyway, we found a great spot and had a picnic (all of which we had in our pantry, thank yo very much!).

This was the first time in the stroller without the car seat. He looks enormous in this picture!

It's important that I point out his shoes... totally radical.

HMMM... what can I do? What can I do?

Daddy and his little girl

My monkey and me!

I am happy and ashamed to say that we have taken our first picture with a timer. Yes, Ami, Mary and Anabelle... I have not learned from your expertise in this field. We finally figured it out! YAY!

We decided to take the stroller down to the lake... it was a great day. We went home, kids slept the whole way and then Target for me. AHHH... that's the kind of weekend i am talking about.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! The kids are as cute as ever and you guys look great! Miss you all!


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