Monday, August 24, 2009

A Mad Hatter Tea Party

Did your mind immediately go to Alice with the crazy Mad Hatter and the rabbit? Well, it should! That is what this was about. A friend of the family, Glenda, was diagnosed with breast cancer is is undergoing chemo. Now when I say family friend, I mean we have known her FOREVER! Her husband was in the Air Force with my dad... she has known me since I was 5!

This is Glenda!
Upon hearing the news, my mom went right into "help" mode. She remembered a party that was thrown for another "forever" friend who has brain cancer and also had to go through chemo. Cathy told my mom that she had a Mad Hatter Tea Party and all the guests brought her either a hat or scarf for her to wear when she lost her hair. So, that's what she did.

My mom went to town planning and I helped when I could. To our surprise my friend,Ami, who is always willing to help anyone, offered to make the tags that the guests were going to write their inspiration on for Glenda. She wanted to hang them on a tree in her house, now known as the Inspiration tree. When I told Glenda about who made them, she was touched (and boy were we thankful).

She received SO many hats and scarves. She seemed to have a great time and my mom did a great job!

Here are some of the pictures:

This is one of the tables full of food. We had scones, sandwiches, cakes, fruit, tea etc.

This cake was made by Ventana Canyon Bake Shop. It was beautiful!

I was in charge of the fruit... :-) Isn't it pretty?

We had tea pots as vases all over the house.

Here's some more food!

What's a teas party WITHOUT teas?

These were our name tags

This was the matte that all the guests signed, in the middle was the invitation that will be replaced with a picture from the party.
This is one of the tags that Ami made... the picture doesn't do it justice. They were so cute!

The Inspiration tree

Glenda in one of her hats

This is on her tree..... pretty much sums her up!

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  1. I read all the things you've posted and boy you've been busy. Good to see all is going well. See you around church I hope.


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