Friday, October 9, 2009

Move over Buddy... There's a NEW BOSS IN TOWN!

For those of you who don't watch TLC, the show Cake Boss, is awesome! It is so funny and the cakes that they create are amazing to say the least!!! Buddy is the owner... but not for long:)
My dear friend friend, Heather, holds the "Betty Crocker" title right now. She is the reason that THE CAKE existed. First I want to mention that I have known Heather for a VERY long time. She is that friend that no matter how long you have "been apart" you feel like you just talked to her yesterday. She is beautiful. We used to have modeling sessions at our house during sleep overs, that's right, we were way cool. We also used to hang upside down, paint faces on our chins and call my mom in to do a show. And we were in like 8th grade.

Heather and I reconnected thanks to a random lunch we decided to have one day when I was super prego with Brody. She helped me with a problem and boom, we were back. I saw a cake that she made for her gorgeous niece, Abby. It was so cool! I begged her to help with a cake for my step-daughter Kaylie.

I had an idea about a zebra cake. Kaylie was turning 14 and was into the whole zebra thing. Heather jumped on it!! I went to her house one night to make the fondant... oh yeah, there was fondant involved! HOMEMADE fondant! Here are some pictures of the masterpiece as a work in progress!!

Ingredients for fondant.....
okay so not the margarita stuff, but it was very important in the creating process.
Again margaritas are important!
Just keep kneading, just keep kneading, just keep kneading, kneading, kneading!

After making the fondant nice and black- my hands were dyed purple for a whole day!

My Heather and me!
Heather aka Betty Crocker
The cake with HOMEMADE strawberry something (Betty Crocker I am NOT)

We were excited....
Then we weren't. The fondant tore, but never fear.....

Whew, it worked!!! The flowers were real, cuz we were tired of making stripes!!

I am so happy that we did this for Kaylie. I was really hoping it would turn out, but just in case,
I made a regular cake and had Kaylie frost it, in case it tasted gross.
There she is, the 14 year old. I still can't believe it!

Thank you Heather! You are a true friend!

Next up, a cake for my soon to be brother-in-law and then Delaney's 2nd birthday cake!!

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