Thursday, October 8, 2009

Take 2!

Awhile back, before Brody was born, we decided to try Delaney at our church's nursery. Pantano Christian Church has a WONDERFUL children's program and I had no doubts about the care taking of my daughter. I DID, however, have doubts about how SHE would handle it! Turns out, I was right. She loved the class, until they took her on a walk in the buggy.... she decided that she needed a longer ride than what they thought. She cried and cried. Needless to say, we didn't take her back for a long time.

Her first try....

The BUGGY ( this was actually at the Easter service). Looks like a blast, huh?

Fast forward to NOW.... two kids to put in the nursery! I was a wreck, why I don't know. I know that the mom's understand. Eric WAS NOT understanding why I was so nervous, but he appeased me by helping out as much as he could. I took Delaney into the class, and there was Karen, a friend that I have known for awhile now. She is now the "head nursery person" for the 9:00 service. I was relieved. I knew that she would let me know if there was problem. Delaney went into the room without looking back (tear) and I went to take my other baby into another room. Brody was a trooper, I handed him to Karen (yes she came to both rooms) and off we went to church. There I was, sitting with my mom, dad, husband, step-daughter and step-son loaded with TWO pagers (in case the kids were having issues ) and thinking, "Boy, this hour is taking FOREVER". The service was over, no pages! We went to pick up the kids and they did great, Delaney even "colored" a picture.

I am so happy that we can go to church as a family. It has become a routine in our house and we love it....

The question is.... will next Sunday be a repeat?
Let's pray it will b

My big girl.... going to church!

Monkey! He SO doesn't look like he's 51/2 months old!

Eric and Brody at the sign.... before church!

Yay! She did it! Here she is, ready to play!

The Mikkelsons....not our best picture, but it's a memory!


  1. I'm so glad it worked out. And you don't have to take 2 pagers next time. In fact if you have a cell phone you can leave that number for Brody's room since they would have to leave the room to page anyway. Then if they need you you get the call. The number would be a 298-.... number, can't remember the last four. Hope that helps and I pray for easy times this week.

  2. Hi Nicole! Our church has "the buggy" too - and my 3-year-old absolutely loves riding in it. I don't blame her a bit. It's such a fun contraption. :)


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