Thursday, November 5, 2009


My friend Jen, who recently moved to Iowa, tagged me on Facebook with this list. She recently bought a book entitled, "29 gifts in 29 Days". She listed 29 things that she is thankful for and I loved the idea! As I am writing this, I realize that maybe I should wait until Thanksgiving for this post, but it's never too early to be thankful right? So here is my list.....

My life

2. My husband
3. My kids and step-kids
4. My parents and brother and sister
5. My faith
6. My friends who accept me for who I am
7. My memories
8. My mini van
9. Having a house to live in
10. Having clothes for me and my family
11. My health
12. The grandparents that my kids have
13. The grandparents that I have (which makes them the GREAT-grandparents to my kids)
14. Being able to stay home with my kids
15. Eric's job
16. Dr. Pepper, Chai Tea from Starbucks, Coffee
17. My annoying, but loving dogs
18. Teething Tablets
19. Playhouse Disney
20. DVR
21. Football season
22. Hand me downs
23. this blog... what a great way to keep in touch with anyone and everyone!
24. our church
25. people who care about me and believe in me
26. Eric and my mom's ability to calm me down
27. Ami, Sarah, Mary and Anabelle, all of whom helped me get me first teaching job which then lead me to what my life is now
28. My pizza cutter (a multi-functional tool)
29. Knowing that my family will love me no matter what happens

That is actually a lot harder than it sounded! Thank you Jen for opening my eyes to that list! I miss you guys! I know some seem silly, but I am truly thankful for them.... I don't think I would survive without them!
Now it's your turn....think about YOUR 29 things you are thankful for. AMI..... I TAG YOU!!!

PS.. If you want to buy the for it on THIS blog. Just use the Amazon search box above!

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  1. I'm glad you liked the idea too :) I'm still trying to come up with more "creative" gifts to share. Miss you!


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