Friday, November 6, 2009

The Coupon Fairy Paid Me a Visit.

This is Delaney, happy as a clam, in the space ship cart at the Commissary. If we don't get this cart (it is the only one) we are in for a LONG shopping trip.

I was at Target yesterday for my weekly (ok twice weekly) trip to get formula and was feeling so sad. I felt so broke. There are SO many cute things right now and we just don't have the money to buy random things. The Christmas decorations are adorable! I especially love the ones that look like old fashioned sweaters with red and gray. Oh well.... maybe next year right? I looked up and down the aisles dreaming of the day that I will be able to buy things that I want and not immediately regret it or return it. As I made my way down the ever expensive diaper aisle, I found myself sighing, again. Man diapers are expensive. I am planning on potty training Delaney next week so that will help when we are through but Brody can pee like a champ! That boy wets his diaper constantly and then it flaming mad until it is changed. I usually have coupons for everything, but lately I have been lazy... I haven't been cutting them. Don't really know why, maybe it's the fact that I hate spending money. So back at the diapers. I am staring at the many different prices trying to figure out which one is cheaper between Pampers and Huggies. This week, it was Pampers. I then walk over to the Easy Ups for Delaney and pick up a pack of those. Almost $3o for 3 packs that will last Brody a few days and Delaney a week or so. Crap. Oh well, they need them. No ifs, ands, or buts. I put them in my cart and notice a lady looking my goods up and down (the stuff in the cart, not me:). At first, I am slightly annoyed, but then she asked me how many packs of Pampers I had. I told her 2- she handed me 2 coupons for $1.50 off! Then she asked if I had Easy Ups, I said yes, she gave me ANOTHER coupon for those! She said she doesn't use Pampers, but always cuts out the coupons just in case she sees someone who needs them! I was seriously stunned. It was the sweetest gesture. I suddenly came out of my pity party and thanked her and immediately wanted to adopt this idea.

I am a coupon junkie. I love coupons and I get a high over how much I can save. Eric is all about coupons now too. My sister-in-law, Cortney, taught me her system for saving on groceries. A lesson that I will forever be grateful for. My current system for grocery shopping is because of her. Thank you Cortney!

I use the website called The Grocery Game. On Sundays, she posts the new list for the different grocery stores. I subscribe to Fry's and Safeway. I get the Sunday papers (The Arizona Daily Star and The Arizona Republic). If I had more money, I would get 2 or 3 of both. Then, I go on the website and go through the list for the stores. I decide what I need and then go to my coupon box. The beauty of The Grocery Game is it tells you what is on sale, what coupon to use and the day you can find it in. I go through the coupons, clip what I need and then I am off to the store to save major money. Before Brody was born, my totals we over $200, but I never paid more than $80! The coolest part is, I would end up getting a ton of FREE stuff! I haven't had to buy a toothbrush in a year... I have that many FREE ones!

My coupon box is just a small file box I got for like $8 at Target

Inside, each month is separated by a file folder.
I also have a Sharpie, scissors and extra clips.

I just bundle all the coupons for that Sunday, clip them together,
and write the date on the top

Then FILE IT!!

I also save coupons that I get n the mail. I have 2 coupon accordion files that I use. I put the big coupons such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Picture People, individual store booklets, etc. in the big one and then I put cut coupons in the little one. I make sure that they are in my car at all times.... every once in awhile I go through and throw away all the expired ones and reorganize a bit.
My little one... I have a small pair of scissors, a pen, a calculator
and paper clips in it as well.

Both of the money saving gadgets.

I have been slacking on coupons. Not any more. I will start again!!! But this time, I will cut out more of the ones that I DON'T use and put them in the file. I know how expensive things are and when money is tight, even a dollar saved can help!

I will return the good deed that lady did for me. I guess it's kind of a pay it forward with coupons! So if you see me out and you need a coupon, ask me! I may have one.


  1. I love it! I've been wanting you to show me how you do the whole grocery thing! So now maybe I'll start cutting coupons too! Lord knows, we could use the savings too! :)

  2. That is so great that you posted this, because I am in the same boat right now. I used to clip coupons all the time, but (as you know) 4 kids can make life busy!!

    Anyway, just this week my sister told me of a few blogs that help with coupons. In case you want to add them to your google reader, here they are: (This one is for Commissary deals!!!)

    Also, yesterday I got the best deal from the Hip 2 Save site... I got 6 Wii games at Target for $43!!! I had printed out extra coupons, and gave them to a lady in the store. She was so excited, and it saved her $30. I love handing out coupons to strangers, the reactions are great! :)

  3. What a good idea!! I need to start the whole coupon thing, we waste so much money at the grocery store, Adam about has a heart attach when I come home. Maybe I'll actually start doing it, you've inspired me =)

  4. Have you tried this site for coupons and deals?

    Look for the free 50 Christmas photo cards. Free shipping too!
    We must get together and share tricks. I saved $40. Monday on my groc. bill with coupons.

    Also collect Huggies and Pamper points. I have won free diapers that way through Huggies. And I almost have enough to buy some books with my Pamper points!


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