Saturday, November 7, 2009


Let's face it, when it comes to fire safety, that is what we all remember. GREAT advice! It is practical, pretty easy to demonstrate and effective. On Friday and Saturday, Eric and I learned some new "fire safety". At our church, Pantano Christian, they offered a marriage workshop based on the hit movie, Fireproof. We actually have owned the movie since it came out and knew what it was all about. Sort of. My mom gave us The Love Dare book for Christmas, I read the book based on the movie and we watched the movie together. Boom, we're fireproofed! WRONG!!! It really opened our eyes.

The weekend started off with us watching the movie "Fireproof". It was great because it was kind of like a forced date night. I didn't feel guilty asking my mom to babysit because #1 SHE wanted us to do it and #2 come on... it's for church:) We watched it again and during this time, I was thinking many things. First of all, I LOVE Katherine's hair, I want mine to look like that. Second, I was cold and uncomfortable in the chairs. Third, I thought about how I wanted MY marriage to be. We have a good marriage. We didn't go into this because we were "having issues". We went to this with an open mind about how we can make it EVEN BETTER. We want to be great role models for our kids. We want them to see what a Godly, wholesome, unconditional relationship looks like. We want them to see how to live through God and how to trust Him.

We decided that this is something that we needed to work on. If you haven't seen the movie, I strongly suggest you watch it! It is powerful (and yes Kirk Cameron over acts a bit:)!
The other tool that I think every couple should get is The Love Dare. We have it, Eric started it on me last year, but I was super pregnant with Brody and less than appreciative of his actions- TOTALLY THE HORMONES!!!!! So now, it's time to try again. At the workshop the speakers said that they did it simultaneously. I am not sure if we will or not, but I will keep you updated.

There were a couple key points that we came away with from this workshop:

1. Make time for each other.... no matter what.
2. Marriage takes effort.... it is not perfect no matter what it looks like from the outside.
3. LEAD your HEART (not lead WITH it but YOU lead IT)
4. Just because you are married, don't stop studying your significant other. Keep learning about him/her.
5. God is in control.
6. Love unconditionally

I love this quote from the movie:
"Fireproof doesn't mean that a fire won't come, but that when it comes,
you are able to withstand it."

So this is just the beginning of our new adventure. We are excited to continue to learn and grow through God and each other.

So I ask you.... Is your marriage fireproof?

BTW... you can order the movie Fireproof, the book or The Love Dare on Amazon.... check out the search box on the sidebar:)


  1. I wish we could have gone! I had another commitment today, though. Everyone should watch the movie...even if there are a few cheesy parts:)

  2. So happy you guys did this! And the bonus - I got to put Delaney and Brody to bed last night -- and give them breakfast this morning!

  3. Billy and I watched that movie over the summer. It did make us take a step back and exam our own marriage. Makes you feel very blessed for what you have and to continue working at keeping it: )
    Will have to try and read the book one day...

  4. I loved the movie and John, well it was ok, terrible acting. But we loved the conference in general and it's great to continue to work on your marriage. Otherwise you get stuck just being roommates and who wants that. We also started reading the book at one time but were going "we already do this" and stopped. Now we're reading it again, all the way through. Good luck with your time as you go through your book.


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