Friday, November 13, 2009

"F''ing Fridays

"F'ing Fridays means anything that starts with "f" on Friday! Family Friday, Frugal Friday, Friend Friday, Fun Friday, Fitness Friday (lol) etc. I just thought it would be an easy post each week, kind of like Wordless Wednesdays. Alright, my first "f"ing Friday, SO NOT WHAT I WANTED!!! It was a hell of a day! I had planned on having it be Frugal Friday, but I didn't get the pictures I needed. Maybe next week. Instead, this week week will be Father Friday. I thought that these pictures were so cute.

A couple of months ago, Eric got a new baby. No, not Brody, he got a 1972 Super Cheyenne 20 Chevy pickup. It is his new favorite past time. He LOVES to work on it. Needless to say, I am less than thrilled when he says. "I'm going to work on the truck for a little bit." Yeah, right, a little bit means a couple hours. Then last week he said that to me and I suggested that Delaney "help" him. Graciously, he said fine. So there's Delaney and her Daddy working on the truck... in matching shirts. Too cute.
There's the beauty.... oh and Delaney
Helping Daddy. She was seeing how straight Eric could cut the tint on his windows by jumping up and down in the bed. Just testing his skills:)

Hmm.... how dirty can I get?
Dirty enough that I blend in with the bed of Daddy's truck.
But I am still cute:)


  1. Well, she was having a good the back of the truck where Daddy tossed Great pictures:)

  2. She is so darn cute!! i'm glad you made it in time!

  3. What a cutie pie she is! I just checked MBC and saw you responded to my thread. Thank you SO MUCH for the follow, but I am unable to sign in to Google Friend Connect right now. :( Having trouble, but when I can, consider yourself followed girl! Look forward to blogging with you! :)

  4. I think it's so ironic (and very funny) that you - the original 'indoor girl' have a daughter who ALWAYS wants to be outside. Just the thought of it makes me smile. :}

  5. She has the cutest expressions! I love the last picture. It's like she's giving you this sweet innocent face right before she's about to cause some trouble:)


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