Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Live With Picasso

Yep. That's right. Picasso lives at my house. It's kind of sad really. I am the girl, I am the one who should be able to pick out paint for the house and paint it so it looks great. I am the one who should give a suggestion and have her husband say something like, "Yes dear". But, nope.... not so much. Eric is the one who picks out the paint and does ALL the painting (he is also has more opinions about decorating than any man I have known). The thing is, he does an AMAZING job!

Two years ago, when we found out I was pregnant with Delaney, I knew what I wanted in her room. I was not a pink nursery kind of girl. I wanted yellow and green and I wanted stripes. Eric went a long with it. He figured out a way to make perfect stripes in her room. When he was close to finishing, I just casually mentioned how cute it would be to have polka dots that matched the crib bumper. Eric didn't say anything, which I took to mean, "Are you freaking kidding me? I just painted stripes." But, being the good husband he is, he painted polka dots one day while I was gone (I think he was afraid to anger the beast). I LOVED Delaney's room. Here are some pictures of it (this was in the old house, we haven't done her room in the new one yet):

When we found out we were having a boy, I knew I wanted an airplane room. I found a bumper at Target and Eric found paint to match. I love the vintage airplane look. I knew that I wanted stripes again with pictures of MY dad in the fighters that he used to fly. Of course, Eric delivered. He painted Brody the MOST beautiful room! The sad thing is, we moved when Brody was 4 weeks old. I cried and cried. His room was so pretty and we were leaving it. Eric promised he would paint his room in the new house and that is just what he did. I love his room. I love that Eric put so much time and love into it. I love that it has pictures of MY DAD all over, I just love it. I hope that you like it as much as we do.
Eric hand painted the mountains, clouds and airplanes. BRODY is above the mountain.
Yay! Stripes!

This is the airplane that Eric and Kaylie made from scratch!

This is the wall across from the crib....
That's all folks!!

BTW... these pictures really don't do it justice. I wish you could see the real thing. I will definitely post pictures of the other rooms as he does them!


  1. Those are beautiful. I remember those pictures of Delaney's room from the other house and thought they were beautiful then. And those mountains, wow. Which kid will achieve that talent? Enjoy!

  2. He's so talented and needs to come pay us a visit! The room looks amazing! Emma is also requesting Eric to paint her room as well :)

  3. The rooms are great-your husband is very talented. I was painting clouds on my daughters ceiling and Winnie the Pooh caharcters on the wall when I was 6 months pregnant. I could have used his help!

  4. oops-can't spell characters. Time to get off the computer...

  5. seriously can I hire him??? I STILL have not painted Malia's room cause I can't make up my mind on what would look good! Those rooms look AMAZING!!


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