Monday, November 23, 2009

I Just Want To Watch Jon & Kate For Crying Out Loud

I was going to do two posts today, one regular one and one with the menu plan for the week. Change of plans. I am beyond exhausted with a headache that won't quit. My day consisted of carrying a fussy, fussy baby around on my hip ALL DAY and that same baby, weighs about 24 pounds. My day also consisted of projectile vomit twice, a smooshed banana between my toes and an extremely hyper 2 year old times 2! Oh and I FOUND a sippy cup in the couch cushions that had milk in it.... from last week. Gross. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the upcoming stuff and all I really want to do is take a shower, put on my jammies and watch the series finale of Jon & Kate. So I am going to bed with a lame post, but since my computer hates me so much, this short, lame post took an hour to accomplish. That's right folks.... it's been a great day:) Now off to take a shower and wash the day off and go to bed. Maybe tomorrow Jon and Kate....

So basically, I am just doing this:

Monday: Spaghetti, salad and garlic toast
Tuesday: Ranch chicken, rice and green beans
Wednesday: Pizza at the park
Thursday: Chili and cornbread
Friday: (we celebrate Thanksgiving today instead) Turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. All the Thanksgiving fixin's
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Whatever my mom makes:)


  1. Sorry you had a crappy day! Hope today is better! Thanks for the menu ideas! I totally FORGOT to tape Jon and Kate!! Tell me if it's good!

  2. You're right-go to bed so that you can have a better start tomorrow! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  3. Chili with cornbread sounds great! I was wondering what to make for dinner!

    Hope you've had a better day today!


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