Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Call Me Sparky!

Last night, Eric and I got the kids to sleep, dishes were done, my post for the day was posted, the house was clean picked up and I was in my cozy pants by 8:00! I suggested that we watch a movie, something that we haven't done in far too long! We chose Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation because who DOESN'T love that movie?! As we are watching, I realize I am SO Clark Griswold. I build things up in my head and when it actually happens, there is no way it can live up to my expectations. I plan and think about things FAR too much and try to make it bigger and better than before. I have already started that with Thanksgiving and Christmas! Eric calmly told me that I am getting all worked up and nervous over nothing.

Alright, so maybe I want to have a good old family Thanksgiving and Christmas. I want those memories and I want my kids to have them as well. As I have been thinking about this all day, I have also been struggling with something. It has not been a secret that money is more than tight for us this year and Christmas will be minimal. I find myself wrestling with the fact that I am upset that we can't buy more "stuff". Christmas is not SUPPOSED to be about stuff, but it is. One of the things I am struggling with is that I LIKE the stuff. I get excited to see Daylen get a new game system or the mysterious gift that Santa is going to bring the little kids. I think that Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse stuff is WAY FUN and WAY CUTE. But then, I read other blogs and they talk about only buying quality, hand made things and not making it a huge, present production. I am trying to figure out where my heart is in all of this. I know that if we were to change our gift-giving ways, we would need to do it NOW before Delaney and Brody are used to it bigger. Does that make sense?? I don't know.... just something that has been on my heart and it makes me tired. I love the stuff, I love my family, I want to raise my kids knowing what Christmas is TRULY about, I want to not waste money on toys that will break or are merely a numbered gift under the tree. I guess I want it all.... is that too much to ask? I just want a perfect holiday:) Like I said, just call me Sparky.....



  1. We're in the same boat. I love seeing the kids' eyes as they see the tree Christmas morning with all the stuff that eventually ends up broken. I was an only child so my mom really did it up and our tree was so full that I want the same for my kids, but I have 3 now. So don't beat yourself up and if we just keep reminding them the real reason for the season it's all good.

  2. Ok this might be a novel, sorry! When I was growing up, my parents didn't have a lot of money, so we each got about 1 gift and then usually some chocolate, maybe that's why I'm a little obsessed with it...anyways, Adam's family is a little different, his mom goes ALL OUT, So we always have about a million presents from his mom, but from us, the kids get one nice gift, then just a few little ones. We also decided last year not to get each other anything, unless it didn't cost any money, we're doing that again this year. We both love seeing them open gifts, but seriously, they would be just as excited to open a toy they haven't seen in a while than something that cost a pretty penny. Just remember, the little ones will not care how much it cost or where you got it. Just have fun with the family and that is what they will remember the most. I like the stuff too, it just seems like it has gotten a little less important each year, or maybe I'm still happy getting the box of chocolates from my dad =) Whatever you do with your family they will love it and appreciate it when they are older!!

  3. we just watched christmas vacation too! love that movie! :) we're trying to cut back on x-mas "stuff" this year too. with three babies all arriving next year for my family, it's just too much for us to handle! we decided to do little gifts for all the kids and the coming kids, then we are going to give gifts of time to the adults. time to help with whatever needs getting done. don't know if this helps at all but know that you are not alone with this feeling! having a pastor for a dad is always a helpful reminder of the "reason for the season" :) sarah

  4. I go all out for Christmas too, and you're right-maybe we all should slow down some when it comes to the "things." I know I am not worrying about what the "it" toy is this year!


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