Friday, November 20, 2009

"F''ing Fridays: Frugal Family Fun Friday

We have been trying to save money and one of the things that we have been doing it basically cutting out any entertainment that costs more than $20. Since we moved we live SUPER close to a park that has a great playground and awesome ramadas. I take the kids there a lot to exhaust them let them exercise before nap time. Last week we had the big kids and I was watching my friend's little boy PLUS our nephew was going to stay the night and all I could think about was how to NOT be in the house. Eric got home work, we ordered 3, $5 pizzas for pick up at Pizza Hut, loaded up the killer mini-van (which was FULL) and headed to the park for dinner and dancing playing. It was super fun! I put a blanket down and Delaney and Braydon had a little picnic, we all ate around the table. The funny thing was, it was SO COLD. Yes, I know I live in Tucson and you people with the snow (Jen C.) think am crazy, but it was cold! We hardly noticed it though. The big kids, Eric included, played football, I held Brody and Delaney and Braydon went up and down the slide over and over.

I loved it! The best part was.... it cost $16.20! For a family of 6 PLUS a toddler PLUS another 10 yr old! My mom and I took the kids there again today, she brought McD's. SO much better than sitting in the germy play land with the other smelly children. Plus, I think we are going tomorrow night for pizza and playing! The only drag.... no beer allowed:(
Delaney and Brody "shinging"
Brody loves to swing!!! He fell forward here and thought it was hilarious!

****update**** I obviously didn't proofread this before I published it... sorry if you read it earlier with the tons of errors!


  1. Cute pics as usual! Have a good weekend!

  2. how fun!! I love that park, it's always really clean. We should meet there sometime and tire our kids out together!

  3. I love the pictures. You really are becoming the frugal fun mom! I'm proud of you! THESE are the things that make memories!

  4. Sometimes the best times are the cheap times. lol! Thank goodness.... Being broke sure gets old, doesn't it? But ya just gotta keep on livin'!

    ($5.oo Lil Caesar's pizzas are the bomb!)
    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  5. Sounds like a good time. When I used to work at a summer camp those $5 pizzas saved our budget time and again!

  6. i want to go too! And thanks for teaching me how to LinkWithin! You've been my blog mentor since day 1! Such a good teacher!

  7. We started cutting down on the entertainment extras too, and the park is number one on our list.


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