Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving... sort of (to be continued tomorrow, with more pictures)

I can't believe it is already Saturday night! This weekend has flown by! We have been super busy in the Mikkelson household! Thursday night (Thanksgiving) was our "down" night. We had chili and just hung out. Eric's dad, Bob, is in town from New Mexico and we enjoyed spending time with him.... it was his first time meeting Brody! Friday started off busy right away! We woke up, Eric started the turkey and I made monkey bread! The big kids came over and we spent the day getting ready for OUR Thanksgiving! The festivities started around 4:30 when my mom and sister, Danielle, came over. A little later, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came oer with their son.

The Mikkelson boys


Oh yeah... and Brody decided that he doesn't need mommy or daddy to carry him anymore, so he decided to move on his own. He is not super at crawling yet, but he can go!!! I am IN TROUBLE!

The festivities went late into the evening and off I went to another night of no sleep (compliments of the Brody). Saturday morning came and we decided that we needed to get out of the house. I decided that it might be fun to go up Mt. Lemmon, even though I was going to have to sit in the back of the van (I get super car sick) and I hate mountains (I am super afraid of heights).... the sacrifices for the fam!! We all made a sandwich, loaded up the killer mini van and headed up. The plan was to picnic and let the kids run around. I was just happy to be away from the mess. We noticed that it was getting pretty windy, but we ventured on. At one point we pulled over at a table and got out for like 30 seconds. Holy crap it was cold!!!! We quickly got back in the car and went to Sumerhaven. The picnic grounds that we usually picnic at were closed! So bummed!!!! We parked along side the road and went on a very brief walk. Delaney was hysterical! She kept shivering and saying, "Told (cold) Mommy. Brrr...." It was cold! We went back to the van and had a van picnic. Delaney thought it was the coolest; she sat in the back with the big kids and ate her lunch. It was a good time. We got home and decorated the tree, but I am going to save that for tomorrow.

Our good old fashioned family Thanksgiving was great! Now on to Christmas! We have so many traditions, I can't wait!

Once again my computer is not working.... I am hoping to have pictures of all this stuff tomorrow!!


  1. What fun traditions! I can't believe Brody is crawling (or mostly crawling!!) God help you. And God help me soon...Can't wait for more pics!


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