Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laughing All the Way.... Not So Much

The day had arrived. Time to meet Santa. I have been telling Delaney (and Brody) about Santa for awhile now. We have been reading lots of books, watching movies and singing songs all about the BIG GUY. We decided to go first thing in the morning on a weekday, smart planning. I woke up this morning and immediately began prepping Delaney for what was to come. I would say, "Munch, do you want to go see Santa today at his house and sit on his lap?" Delaney: "Oh, ok... see Seenta Clous? Lap? Huwway up!" I would ask her what she was going to say to him. She decided on this, "Oh, hello Seenta, how are you?" I loved it and had her keep practicing. This spilled into the car...the whole way there- I would say, "No crying ok? He's really nice and furry!" Delaney:"Oh! Ok, cereal peez?" Yeah, I wasn't buying it.

We get to the mall and my sister is there. She tells us that there is a way long line. WHAT?! Don't kids go to school? Turns out, not so much when it's a holiday break that STARTED TODAY! Awesome!! So we get in the silly line and then Delaney sees him. "Wook Mommy, Seenta!" She was so excited to see him. We reached the front of the line and Delaney got to open the magic mailbox and snow flew out and went in her mouth so she quickly spit it out, on Seenta's floor. She then pressed the naughty or nice button- she got nice- hmmm....seems a bit rigged. Then we got a little closer to the jolly fella and Brody became increasingly concerned. He would look and look back at me like- NO WAY MOM.

Waiting to see Seenta

Delaney and Nana

Brody and Aunt Danielle

Finally, the moment was ours. I walked Delaney over and as soon as I got close...... she wrapped herself around me like a boa constrictor and pinched the crap out of my back fat. My mom quickly put Brody down on 'Seenta's" lap and walked away. I was not so lucky. I knew it was a lost cause so I said, "Scoot over Santa",  and I sat down. At this point, Brody was screaming, Delaney was crying, I was laughing and then Santa poked me in my side. Hello! FRESH! And just like that, it was over. As we were leaving, Delaney looked at Seenta with a tear streaked face and said, "Bye Seenta. How are you?" She did it.

Merry Christmas......

Btw this handsome man

is 8 months old today!

Just so ya know....
he weighs 25 pounds (no that is not a mis-print)
he is in a big boy car seat
he is crawling like a maniac
he pulls himself up on furniture and then lets go, forgetting that his head weighs a ton
he claps when you say "yay" and is very pleased when you do
he sucks at sleeping
his favorite thing in the world is taking a bath
he thinks Delaney is the coolest
he is 25 pounds of cuddle
I love him.


  1. I bet you made santa's day sitting on his lap =) I can't believe how big Brody is!! He'll get better at sleeping. Malia was the same was and then she finally got better and sleeps around 12 hours a night, it will happen one day!!

  2. Holy crap! Sarah is over 2 and doesn't weigh 25 pounds which is amusing since at birth she came out 9 lbs 5 oz!!!

    Cute pics!! Your mom is young and pretty, if you hadn't said she was your mom I would have thought sister!!!

  3. Wow our boys are the same weight but mine is just a year. And they say my boy is big:) I just smile. At least he's healthy and loves life, which I know your's is the same way. See you Sunday or possibly today at the Angel Breakfast.

  4. I think that was about the age that my son decided he would stand NEXT to Santa with his hand on Santa's knee for the picture. But NO sitting on the lap! Funny. You are a good sport, Mom!


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