Sunday, January 3, 2010

Betcha Didn't Know....

I have total writer's block. Why post then? I dunno....I have an obsession I guess. While I was quickly scrolling through the blogs I follow, I stopped on Our Daze In The Desert. This is new blog that I discovered a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it! Anyway, she had this on her blog and since it is meant for Sundays and I don't know what else to do, I thought I would join in! Thanks Arizona Momma!

1. Where were you born?
     I was born at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas

2. Toilet you crinkle/crumple or fold it?
     I actually had to think about this one.... in fact I went to the bathroom just so I could see. I was surprised to find out that I fold it- the more protection from 'stuff' the better.

3. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
     That would be Bride Wars. Ami and I went when we were pretty pregnant and ate a hell of a Subway sub after, as I recall.

4. What room do you spend the most time in besides your bedroom?
     I think it is a tie between the kitchen and the living room. I am constantly doing dishes it seems.

5. Would you be grossed out if you found that your husband /boyfriend hadn't brushed his teeth in 4 days and you had been snogging (kissing) him?
     Umm... yeah. And then I would question my ability to smell and taste.

6.  Do you fold your underwear?
     Eric's yes. Mine HELL NO. Geez...I would be lucky to even find a clean pair in the drawer. Usually, I am digging through the dryer or the enormous pile of clothes on the couch in my room HOPING that there is a clean pair!

7.  What is one goal that you would like to achieve this year?
     Finish the medical transcription program and get a job working from home.

8.  What is your favorite month/least favorite month?
    I think my favorite month is December.... I love the cooler weather and the Chrstmas stuff. My least favorite would have to be July or August- WAY TOO HOT in Tucson!

So that's it for this getting to know me meme.

As I was writing this, I came up with a topic for tomorrow! Yay! And I will be doing my first interview and giveaway this week! Make sure to check back!!

Oh and Happy Birthday to our Granddaddy
Love, Delaney and Brody


  1. Thank you for making me smile tonight! I loved reading this entry. And BTW I found a fun blog you would appreciate... I can not figure out how to share it?! Anywhos it is on my list and called Frugal something. I think you will LOVE it!!!! Miss you oodles: )

  2. Okay, the toilet paper was hilarious. I had to stop and think, too. I guess it's on autopilot... LOL

  3. Super fun answers. All I have to say about digging through the clothes on the couch is that at least your clothes are in your room. My couch in the living room has a constant pile of clean clothes on it. Did I mention I am not a folder.

  4. Hey there! Thanks so much for joining in the fun..

    Your answers are great!

    Sunday's I never really have much to blog about..that's why I started this whole thing..and I'm lovin it!

    Happy Monday!

  5. Love this! I am so a folder! I never thought about it. If I had to crumple I dont think I could wipe...that is way odd that I put that much thought into that! lol

    Anyway! Good Times!!


  6. I liked this! You know, I think I fold too... LOL!

  7. nice to "meet" you. hopped over from MannLand5. cute blog and beautiful family!


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