Monday, January 4, 2010

A Thought

On Saturday night I went to Target on my way to meet one of my best friends, Laura, at Chuy's for a MUCH needed margarita. It was night time and cold (cold for Tucson:). I had to go for formula-Brody only likes the Target brand stuff-ans goes through a freaking can every four days (3 1/2 more months til milk!). As I was pulling into the parking lot I noticed how empty it was-a pleasant change from the week prior. I parked and as I was walking in, I noticed WHERE I parked. I had parked by the cart return area. There were plenty of closer spots. I stopped and thought about that for a minute. Here it is, dark, cold, I am by myself, but yet that's where I park. It is so strange how habits change after you have kids. I ALWAYS park next to a cart return when I have the kids. It just makes sense. Forget the closest or the ones in the shade, I want the cart. As I was walking through Target, I thought about other things that have changed.

1. I used to take the LONGEST showers. I loved taking showers. Now, given the opportunity to shower sans kids, I feel like I am in there forever, but really it may be like 10 minutes!

2. I used to allow myself like an hour and a half to get ready to go places. What the hell did I used to do? Now, I can shower, put on make-up, blow dry my hair and get dressed in 35 minutes.

3. When I used to meet my friends out- I DID NOT where my glasses, maternity shirt, dirty jeans, and my hair in a pony tail. Guess what I wore to Chuy's?

4. I have become AWESOME at understanding 'Delaney talk'. She is talking much more now and I can understand most of it. She does have a few words that are NOTHING like the real word.
Some examples:
Trampoline:  "1, 2, 1, 2"  (this is b/c my mom would say that as she jumped on the little one)
Tinkerbell: "Pia"
Coming:  "A pie yay!
Thomas (as in tank engine): "pommy"

As you can see, she needs translating on occasion.

5. I used to have a lot of friends.I used to do stuff.  Now not-so-much. I have turned into a hermit- and I didn't really notice.

6. My house used to be clean. I mean SUPER CLEAN! Now, again, not-so-much. I don't have time to clean it and if I do then it is messed up right away.

7. I can sing the theme songs to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso, Handy Manny and Dora

8. I am the only one who can pack the diaper bag. Eric, bless his heart, tries. He will get stuff together, I will re-do it. It's a silly thing, but it is piece of mind:)

9. I can barley make it to 9:00 now. PATHETIC.

10. I multi-task like crazy. I can make a bottle, while holding Brody, while dinner is cooking, laundry is laundering (ok so the same load for the 5th time), while talking on the phone....etc. I knew I would have to juggle things, but man, it's out of control!

Anyway, not an exciting post, but it just caught my attention the other night. This is my life now, I love my kids and my new normal.


  1. I think this is a great post! I am with you on so many of those. The house, the shower, the getting ready...just to name a few. It's a constant juggling act. The trick is figuring out which balls are rubber and which are glass. Don't let the glass balls drop, they break. The rubber ones are the ones that bounce...I say let 'em fall!

  2. Hey - I will be the one on the other side of the cart return at Target!! I am like that too!

    Really great post!


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