Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Love Today- Post its- I Stuck Mine Up!

I think that these are so much fun! Click on the post-it below to get to Supahmommy's site and create your own!







  1. Oh the sink! I hate it when Iclean it and then my husband dumps his coffee in it! Oh the horror!

  2. I have a pet peeve about dishes in the sink...ever. Like shined sink or not, I can't stand it. If there are dirty dishes, I would rather have them stacked on the counter next to the sink (which they frequently are through the day).

  3. Cute post its! That does look like fun...

  4. I could probably write those same post it notes. I'd also include for today "Kids...Mommy didn't say you no longer have to take naps, so start sleeping again!"

    Thanks for following my blog!


    P.S. I am still trying to find how to live in this new "normal" of mine, too!


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