Thursday, January 14, 2010


This week has been crazy busy.... hence the lack of new posts. I am bummed because my camera doesn't work, but my mom gave me hers to use, so maybe I will get some good pictures. I am taking a cake decorating class, Delaney is 'busy', Brody is cutting teeth so badly that he won't sleep for more than a hour or so and when he is awake, he doesn't want me to put him down (hello why are my arms NOT like Madonnas already?). Anywho- I was talking to Eric tonight and I asked him what he thought the most popular day is to 'catch up' on reading blogs. Is it Monday- the start of the work week so maybe the start of new posts? Is it Friday or Saturday- you may not have to get up early the next day so you can stay up later reading. Just curious. I am going to FINALLY do my first giveaway in the very near future (like this weekend) and was just curious about the 'most popular day'. Either leave me a comment and/or vote on the right! Thanks and please check back for the giveaway!!!


  1. It seems nothing much happens Fri-Sunday.

    Hey- if you carry him your arms will be like Madonnas! Mine got great and now my little one walks all of the time and I may have to actually work out :-(

  2. I like to read posts on Friday night and Sunday during the day. Hey, I didn't like using mine, but maybe one of those baby slings-I forget what they're called-would help. At least your arms would be free although no work out time for your muscles... LOL!

  3. Monday is typically has the most traffic. I know I'm late, but I was gone over the weekend! Better late than never ;)


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