Monday, January 25, 2010

If You're Happy and Ya Know It...

This is a happy post! Let me first start by saying that I had a very productive list making day. I have decided on some new schedules and ways to get organized and will be sharing those soon. I was super happy to find out this morning that Arizona Mamma at Our Daze in the Desert gave me this:

I love it! I also LOVE her blog! You have to check it out! Thank you Arizona Mamma:)

The second thing that I saw today was that Susan from Susan Fobes' Family Formula tagged me with a list of 10 things that make me happy. I am so excited to do this! Thanks Susan:)

Okay so what makes my day?

1. My Kids.
Delaney and Brody are a handful, no question. They frustrate me to death, but I love them so much! They
make me smile all day long. I can't imagine what life would be like without them. Watching them sleep, play together, discover new things, watch Mickey, eat, etc. is how I get through my day. They are my life.

2.  Eric
He makes me so happy. I love that he makes me coffee every morning. I love that he will get up with the kids on Saturday mornings and let me sleep in. I love that he is the ying to my yang:) When I am a little heated,as I tend to get occasionally, he will calm me down... he is my lobster.

3.  My family
I have the best family. They make me super happy. My parents are the most supportive parents you could ask for. If we need something, they figure out how to get it- whether it is dog food at 10:00 at night or groceries cuz we are running low. They don't ak questions....they just jump to it. My brother and sister are awesome too! We have the greatest family. My step-kids are awesome. They are teaching me so much about being a mother....

4. Blogging
I love blogging. It is so fun. I love that I am a mommy makes me happy to share my crazy stories and to hear I am not the only one with 'issues'.

5. Cake decorating
So this is a new hobby for me, but I am addicted! It makes me so happy! I am not so great at it yet, but I am determined to get good:)

6. Church
Going to church makes me happy. I have always been a Christian, but I have rediscovered my Faith in that past couple years. I love that we go as a family and that the little kids go to Sunday school. I love that Eric is reading the Bible with me and that we are learning all about being Godly people. I love that we eat breakfast burritos in the courtyard after the service. It is just a happy place for us.

7. Comfy pants.
Nothing makes me happier than getting into a pair of comfy pants. Ahhh...the feeling

8. Dancing
I love dancing with Eric. He is a great country dancer and I get so excited when we are able to go out. We used to go dancing every Saturday night BK (before kids). Now, when we get the chance to go, I get so happy!!! It's great because he doesn't care when I screw up- he just acts goofy with me. He's super:)

9. Friends
I have a lot of friends, I guess, but I have a handful of people that I would call best friends. They make me happy cuz they get me. I can talk to them and they will listen and not judge. Some play the devil's advocate on things, which is hard to hear, but necessary. My friends make me happy and I know that they are my  true friends because when I am NOT happy, they go out of their way to make me happy

10. Making lists and chapstick
I love making lists. I love the feeling of crossing things off. That makes me happy. Seeing what I have accomplished. Oh and chapstick is the best stuff ever.

So, there ya have it. A list of my happy thoughts.

I get to tag some people and find out what makes them smile:) If ya wanna:)

Lela and Ally at Two Normal Moms


  1. I feel the same way about our church. I hadn't been there in a week when we had to go to NM for a funeral and when I turned the corner to go into the parking lot a sense of AWWWWWWW came over me. Kind of like when you go to your parents where you haven't been in a while and are happy you're there. I so love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Blogging IS so much fun and I agree, family is the BEST! You sound like a Theta Mom to me! :)

    And thanks so much for the sweet comment about my site. Glad to be blogging with you!

  3. Love the happy list! I feel inspired to do the same..thx!

  4. Isn't Arizona Mamma the best? She's one of my favorite bloggers too. Congrats on the award!

    I'm jealous that your hubby likes to go out dancing with you. My hubs is such a wallflower, even at weddings!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. I love your happy list! You happy = me happy!

  6. love the happy list! i'm gonna try to do my own but i'm thinking a lot of mine will be the same as yours, especially the comfy pants one! these days it's all i can do to put on normal clothes to go to work. the very first thing i do when i get home is put on some comfy clothes :)

  7. I love list: ) Now what did I do with my to do list...
    BTW: Trynnity was all over me looking at the computer and she goes in a great bog gasp "THAT'S ME!!!! Why you got me on your pooter?"
    She was pointing to Delaney: ) TOO cute!

  8. Now I am not a list maker-heck, I make the effort with the list but then forget where I put it! Nice list...

  9. I also do lists. It helps me get organized and I love to see what I have accomplished so far.

    You have a great blog here. It is nice to read blogs with happy thoughts of how blending families can be easier and more harmonious. Congrats!

  10. Nicole,

    Loved your list! I am excited to hear who won the giveaway. Don't forget that even when your not happy that because of your statement in #6, we have JOY! That is something no one can take away from you. Even when life is not going well and we are not happy.


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