Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Redemption.....

Hello, my name is Nicole Mikkelson and I am a former OCD, anal retentive neat freak. Yes, I admit it. I would alphabetize my canned foods, DVDS and CDs. I would make sure that I had a finger space between all of my ALL WHITE plastic hangers in my closet that was neatly divided into categories such as color, arm length, etc. I would make sure that DVD titles were facing the correct way in the case and I would freak out if things were moved in the bathroom. What happened? I had a baby and when she came out, the organization Nazi came out with the rest of the gross after birth stuff. I'm not kidding. It's like I literally crapped it out of me. Well, all that's about to change. I haven't been diligent about posting this past weekend because I have been compiling a list of things in my head to bring back the OCD girl. Why the sudden wake up call?

Here's the story. We have my step-son every other Tuesday through Sunday. This past week he was at our house. I went to pick him up from school on Friday and our conversation went like this:

Me:  How was school?
Daylen:  Good (standard answer)
              Where are the babies?
Me:  They are sleeping so my mom came over. Delaney has a huge bump on her head from bumping into Braydon.
Daylen:  She is so you.
Me:  What do you mean?
Daylen:  Well, the other day she was walking and wasn't watching where she was going and ran right into the wall (I have been know to be a little clumsy) and she is so messy.
Me:  Wait what?
Daylen:  You used to be so clean and everything always had to be perfect and now the house is always a mess, things are always everywhere.

Me:  With my mouth gaping open, I recover and say: Oh.

OUCH!!!!!! That was like an arrow through the heart. Before I go on, let me explain Daylen. I have known Daylen since he was in Kindergarten. He was in my first grade class (that is how I met Eric) and was the 'talker' of the class. He got in trouble often, but not because he was being malicious or anything. He just didn't sit still or stop talking. EVER.  The thing about him that I love is that he is always asking questions. Weird ones...ones that you have to stop and think about. PLUS, he is super, super smart! He is a WONDERFUL big brother to the little kids and I love when he is at our house. As for his comments. he is just Daylen being Daylen. He generally doesn't think before he speaks and most of the time, that is the beauty of him.
Case in point, while he was in my first grade class, I was teaching a math lesson (I think I was actually being observed) and he raised his hand. Right away I thought he was going to ask to go to the bathroom and said he had to wait. He said that wasn't it, so I let him talk. Here's what he said: "Umm, my mom doesn't really like you and she thinks you're chunky." Now keep in mind, I was dating Eric secretly at this time and only a handful of people knew about it-2 of which were in the classroom with me when he said this. So, I wiped the shocked look off my face and said, "Well, I am kinda chunky." He agreed and we moved on. Classic Daylen.

This innocent comment has lead to a wake up call. I know that I have let things go, but I don't think I realized other people noticed it. Eric makes comments like, "You used to have a place for everything, what happened" which stings a little, but now I know that it is affecting other people. I don't want my kids growing up like that and I don't want Kaylie and Daylen coming over to a messy house. So, the anal retentive girl is coming out of the wood work. Poor, sweet, innocent Daylen. He woke the monster and now everyone will have to their part. I'm afraid that checklists and labels are going to be the norm in the house now. Chores will be done and I will be keeping on top of things. I know kids need to have fun and that I shouldn't freak out over the messes and I won't. I am talking about other stuff. Other stuff for another post. For now, I am going to go make a list of things to do tomorrow:)

****Update**** Ok, so it's been brought to my attention that it sounds like I was dating Eric when he was married. Rest assured that was SO NOT the case. He was divorced and we were keeping it a secret until Daylen was out of my class. Phew...dodged a bullet. Thanks Daddy:)


  1. Okay, then I guess you are going to have to help me as well! Because I dream of the house I used to have...all the while looking around at my current disaster.

  2. wow! i never heard that story before! That is hilarious! Have fun getting your OCD back!!

  3. She's back! She's back! Good times! I can't wait to see your new, old transformation again!

  4. I had to laugh at this one as my OCD is quite obvious to other members of my family. You know that my mom and dad were just here and my mom thought it would be cute to leave little notes for us to find after they left. Well, the kids and Dan found what I call the "easy ones." I find they ones where my mom knows my quirks. So far in my food pantry where things were not in place and under the bathroom tissue box which was not on the correct 90 degree angle :) Ami even laughs about me matching my tissue boxes to my decor. UGH! That's why there are so many kinds! I can spend way too much time trying to find the "right" tissues and now have Emma on the same path. Poor girl!


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