Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just A Quick Post!

I know it's Tuesday which usually means Post It Notes, but today I just wasn't feeling very funny. I am pretty exhausted. This weekend was jam packed with cake decorating and worries. My Granddaddy had a heart attack and ended up having emergency bypass surgery. He is okay, he is recovering in Phoenix. Scary. My parents went up on Sunday morning and my sister braved the short, painless drive long drive on Monday with me and the kiddos. The kids stayed at my Mimi's while Danielle and I went to the hospital to see him. It was a long day. I know that he is going to get better! It makes you stop and enjoy life again. It's no fun to be reminded of how short life really is, but I am gratful of the reminders sometimes. I look at my kids differently now....

I promise that I will be more on a schedule this week with posts. I know I have been all over the place!

Here are the cakes from this weekend:

This is the Super Bowl cake I made for some friends:)


This is for Kaylie's best friend Whitney's birthday!


And these are my babies..... I love them.




  1. Nicole, your cakes are fantastic! You definitely have talent-side business perhaps? I just can't get over it...

    I am glad things are settling back down to "normal" for you!

  2. The cakes are so pretty!!! Almost a shame to have to cut into them and eat them! And of course, the 'kiddo's' are as adorable as ever. Glad you and Danielle were able to see Granddaddy...Six hours in the killer mini-van in one day is torture for any mother (and Aunt) of two little ones...thanks for braving it!
    Love, Mom

  3. im sorry about your grandfather .. I hope he gets on the mend quickly !!

    ps. how do you get your fondant on the round cake so neat ?!?! i did a round cake today and it was a total disaster !!

  4. Okay...wait a second.... You MADE THOSE CAKES?????????

    Awesome. You need to start a cake business! Really, then when I start a photography business, we can team up and do kid's parties and stuff. Then we can go big time and get to doing weddings ;)

  5. That super bowl cake rocks! You have SERIOUS talent!

  6. So scary about your Grandpa. I work in the ICU where pt's go after heart surgery so I know what a hard road he has ahead of him. Hugs and prayers to you and yours!

    Your cakes are so awesome!

  7. Sorry to hear about your dad and hope he's better soon. Funny how some things can make you look at life and see what is really important. Chat with you later.


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