Friday, February 5, 2010

Just sayin'

Yay it's Friday! Friday means Saturday is tomorrow which means sleeping in for Nicole!!!!! I love those days! What SUCKS is that Eric has taken up some side jobs and works on Saturdays now but NOT TOMORROW! Whooo hooo. Can ya tell I am excited:) This week was a pretty good one! We had rainy gloomy days and I love those. I try to enjoy every minute of them- before I know it, it will be 105 degrees and way too hot to go anywhere. I hate the days when it's 85 outside and it's 7:30 in the freaking morning.  This week I got ALMOST TOTALLY caught up on my stupid laundry. I really hate laundry....but on the plus side, I found some clothes that I totally forgot I had! I cleaned the house, vacuumed, mopped, dusted, cleaned the computer desk, ordered new checks....the list goes on! Last night, my Aunt Leigh Ann and cousin Julie came into town and we all had dinner together and then after the kids went to sleep, I put on my cozy pants and went back over to mom's house for Margaritas and Mama Mia! SO FUN! That movie is great. I think I really want to go to Greece.We decided that we totally need to do the part when they sing Star Trooper (I think) at my sister's wedding! Danielle doesn't think we will, but we have just enough balls to pull it off. It will be dedicated to her and of course we will make her participate. Can't ya just picture it? Boas, crazy platform shoes, and lip syncing. Yep, that sounds like wedding material to me! Who needs a toast? Maybe that will BE the toast! That's it....I will get on the mic and then BAM! Spotlight and then the music. It's on. Good week! To top it off, I get to make s Super Bowl cake for some friends- it better work!

I also got my first package from HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS WEBSITE? It is super cool. You can buy all kinds of non perishable things on it such as diapers, coffeee, trach bags, napkins, etc. They look for coupons for you and try to find you the best deal. Then, you just order and it is shipped to your house. Here's the best part- the shipping is FREE!!!! It takes about 4-5 business days to get your order, but if you plan ahead, it shouldn't be a problem. I love it! I hate going to Target with my two and then when I am watching my friends little boy, it makes it that much harder. This is the perfect solution! Love it!

Great week!!! That makes me happy! I hope your week was happy too.

But here are some things that happened that were not so super:

1. My shower drain is super clogged. The water goes up to my ankles. Can you say DIS-GUST-ING! Have fun with that babe!

2. I watched a bird try and put on it's brakes as it flew into my bay window with it's nasty eyes wide open (I don't like birds) but I still felt bad for it as it smashed into it. It lived.

3. I was cleaning up dog poop, barefoot, and stepped in the leftovers. Gross. Barefoot=stupid!

4. Eric turned on the oven with a cake  and my really cool decorating turn table in it and melted it. That sucked.

5. I found a pair of chonies that I wore before babies....I put them on and they disappeared into the folds that is my butt and thighs. That was depressing, so I ate some cookies with chocolate milk. Life is good.


  1. Okay, I had a comment all ready about how awesome you are, and then I got to the chonies part and am still chuckling. First that you say chonies too, next at your description of my life.

  2. Okay, I had a comment all ready about how awesome you are, and then I got to the chonies part and am still chuckling. First that you say chonies too, next at your description of my life.

  3. I have never herad of, but I will check it out. BTW your life is balanced-the good is about equal to the bad...

  4. you "crack" me up!!! ;) i'm glad to see that i'm not the only one who has so many good things and a bunch of bad stuff too! i'm trying to see the good over the bad and it seems like you are too! keep it up my friend! love you!!! :)

  5. Nicole, come by my site for an award.


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