Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Vow of Silence.........

Delaney has suddenly become the non-stop chatter box that I was hoping for just a few short months ago. Her slight delay in taking is over. She still has 'Delaney' language....and I still translate for most people, but all in all she is talking up a storm.

In the recent weeks she has become somewhat of a parrot. My mom has been telling me for awhile now to watch what I say and do and I heard her, but didn't really care:) Well, I now know better.

Here are some things that happened JUST TODAY!!!!!!

Tonight at the dinner table I said, "What the hell?" Delaney without batting an eye, wrinkles her nose and yells "What the hell?" Well of course that made us laugh so she continued over and over again while Brody danced to her lovely new song. 

A little while later, she says to me, "You want Daddy to spank your butt?" WHAT?!?!?! What the hell? That is my response. So I say, "No Munch, I don't want Daddy to spank my butt." She says, "I do it" and bam...I get spanked (Eric does it playfully...let's just put that out there). 

I was sitting at the computer and some non smelly air comes out of an area that is in the rear and makes a noise which Delaney hears and comes running over, pulls my pants down in the back and says, "Ya poop Mommy? PU" 

So you see....nothing is safe anymore. 
My little parrot is ALWAYS around. 


  1. Oh dear God! Nicole, remember all those kids in kindergarten who used to say inappropriate things about their parents? Hello.....may I introduce you to Delaney in a few years! Sooo flipping funny! Let's just make a sitcom out of your life! This is funny stuff!

  2. Oh my! I went through the parrot stage x2, but I had forgot all about it! Now my kids know that mommy is crazy and not to repeat anything she says...but I have a little Laney that will surly keep me on my toes soon enough! What a great post!

  3. Told you so. Told you so. Told you, told you, told you so. I'm just sayin'....
    Love, Mom

  4. Did you just try to tell us that you farted but it didn't stink? Hmmm...if that were me, my daughter would have cleared out. ;)

    SO funny what they repeat.

  5. Oh dear! Well, at least she hasn't said the "S" word yet like Jaxon did at the ripe old age of 19 months! Gotta love toddlers! It's a good thing she is so flippin' cute!

  6. Well if you get comments from her teacher at church you'll know why. My mom would get things told to her all the time when she talk littler kids. Fun times:)))))))


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