Monday, February 22, 2010

You Know You're A Mom....

You know you're a mom when....

you feel your legs to see if they need shaving and realize that they are NOT spiky-yay (b/c the hair is so long it is soft now)!

you wipe your kids nose with your finger.

you check to see if they pooped by smelling their butt.

you sing the theme songs to all the cartoons in the shower.

you know the line up of Playhouse Disney.

you park next to a shopping cart return thing because it's easier.

you drive a killer mini-van.

you are always prepared (for the kids...not so much you).

you can shower, do your makeup, hair, get dressed in about 30 minutes.

you think sweats are da bomb!

you can get yourself ready, the kids ready, the dog fed, the diaper bag packed and the car turned on BEFORE your husband is done brushing his teeth.

you suck on a popsicle first so that it doesn't stuck to your little ones tongue.

you get excited to sleep for a few hours in a row.

you can't imagine your life without your kids

you have never felt so full of love that it blows your mind.

Okay, I know that this list wasn't for everyone. This is an abbreviated list of mine that goes on and on.... think about your "Now that I am a mom" list. Pretty crazy!


  1. It always embarrasses my husband that I do the butt sniff on Colton. I even do it ion public, it's sort of an automatic thing.

  2. even though i'm not technically a mom yet, i totally agree with the first one. it's getting pretty difficult to reach my legs these days! ;)

  3. Are you kidding? I (unfortunately for some of the items-not telling which, LOL!) identified with almost the whole list! Ooh, we mothers are a scary breed...


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