Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Party time:)

We went to the triplet's birthday party on Saturday....it was a blast! I made the cakes so that is always a nerve wracking experience when you first walk in to hear and see people's reactions. Luckily, they were all pretty good! Truth be told, this was the first party we went to as a huge family with everyone mobile.Kinda different. Kaylie and Daylen were there; Delaney was going at her usual pace - running, and Brody was walking and falling all over the place. I was a bit frazzled. The little ones kept going in opposite directions and I thought about Ami and how this will be her life soon, but with THREE and then I calmed down (sorry Ami:). Here are some pictures from the party:

Here are the cakes...

These were the smash cakes for each Bunchkin!

Delaney riding a bull:)

Kaylie and Delaney:) Awww...sisters=)

Eric and Brody

Brody with snot running down his face

Delaney and Daylen

Delaney and Brody having some lunch!
Trynnity, Delaney and Abby.....3 heartbreakers:)

This is Ethan...the one and only picture I have of the triplets at their party. SAD!!! Click here to see more pictures of the adorable Bunch triplets!


  1. Snot down his face...nice. It's the way all my kids have looked for the past two weeks now.

    Did one of the cakes say Colton? What a truly spectacular name if I do say so myself!! ;)

  2. Your cakes are beautiful! Ethan looks a little tired to really smash into it but I'm sure they loved them. Besides it's the parents go really enjoy the 1st birthday. Just remembering how and what all took place to get to that time, 1 year old. One day I'll get to meet them. I know they will be great because they have a great mom. And she had an awesome friend who worked with her to help raise my son:) Thanks for all you do!

  3. Your cakes are AMAZING!! Where did you learn how to do that??? I think you should start a business, seriously you are really really good!

  4. Great job with the cakes!

    And how fun is that little train for the kids to ride in? Both my girls would love that!



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