Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Before 10

I love people that have this jaded sense of what a stay at home mom does. I love the "you don't have anything to do" or "you're home all day" kind of comments. I must admit, I was once one of those 'people'. Now, having had kids, I know better. Here was my morning:

6:30 am- I am awaken by Delaney screaming "Mommy!" an hour after getting Brody back to sleep.
6:45 am- I am awaken again, this time by Eric telling me what time it is- I jump out of bed, put put on a bra and go into the living room.

6:50-7:10- Get juice cups ready, pour coffee for myself, change Delaney, get cereal for the car, wake up Brody, change him, get shoes on, get in the car.

7:10- 8:00- Take Daylen to school. This trip involves a lot of crying after Daylen gets out of the car....and on this particular day, it included a giant poop by Brody.

8:00- Turn on Oso, change poopy diaper #1.

8:05-8:30- Open all the blinds, throw a load of laundry in washer, check email, make breakfast for kids.

8:30-9:00- Kids eat breakfast, I chug coffee, I unload the dishwasher and get out food to thaw for dinner

9:00- Change poopy diaper #2 of Brody's, change poopy (ie?) diaper of Delaney's, answer phone.

9:15- Shower time! (I lock the kids in my room with me while I shower, I baby gate the entrance to the bathroom though otherwise Brody like to play, splash in the potty)

9:16- Take toilet paper out of Brody's mouth (didn't get the gate up in time)

9:17- Take chapstick away from Delaney

9:18- FINALLY get in shower

9:20- Get out of shower with hair full of shampoo to get Brody 'unstuck' from under the bed

9:23- Get out of shower again.....see above! Seriously KID!

9:26- Done with shower.

9:30-10:00- Put on makeup, "do" hair (put it in ponytail), get dressed, make bed, get kids dressed, make Delaney's bed, put clothes in dryer.

That's all before 10:00...... hmmmmm....notice, no sleeping in, no day time TV. Totally not what I thought. It is so exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Soon enough it will all settle down and you'll look back at these hectic moments and laugh :)

  2. I hear ya! I'm a stay at home mom/student and people are constantly making the "get a job" jokes, and it really pisses me off. You couldn't handle my job for one day (and most people couldn't unless it was their own children) but seriously, don't even start with the things we mom's have to accomplish in a single day! Props to you! Your shower incident made me laugh, I always think about the days when I used to take a full shower with such leisure! Those were the days! :)

  3. So totally understand and so will every other stay at home mom who gets the same questions. Some people hate their jobs but me I love mine:) Glad you do too.


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