Monday, April 5, 2010

"Happy Easter Egg Everybody"

Super fun weekend! I went to Kohls with my mom to get Easter outfits for the kids and got some awesome deals. Seriously, my mom saved $130! She had a coupon for 15% off, plus there was no tax that day, plus I am a super frugal shopper so I only went for the deals! Anyway, just thought that was awesome. Later that day, Daylen jumped in the pool! Yes, it is April and he went swimming. He didn't believe us when we said it would be cold in the deep end and on the bottom, but he soom figured out we were right. Time for the pool cover to go on for awhile! We will all be swimming before we know it!

After that, we dyed eggs! This was the first year we have done it since I was a kid. It was fun! Delaney didn't quite grasp the concept and Brody just ate through the whole thing, but Daylen and Eric tried to see who had better coloring skills. We figured out that if we put an egg in a whisk, she didn't drop in the color and get all gross....
Apparently the pictures of us coloring the eggs is on another camera.

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny had visited the house. We had to be at church by 9:00 so we needed to get the party started. I woke up Delaney and brought her out to the living room where Eric was asleep on the couch with Brody. She was SO excited. She showed everything she got to Eric and loved every minute of it. We tried waking Brody forever and finally he cooperated. He went right over to his wagon basket and dumped it out. We then made Delaney wake Daylen up (he was thrilled:) and she showed him what the Easter Bunny brought him.

Brody checking out the goods


'Happy Easter Egg Everybody'
We all went to church and were reminded of His Sacirifice and how we are blessed (always a good reminder). When I picked Delaney up from the nursery, the lovely lady who works in there, told me that Delaney peed on the potty twice! The second time she had seen a boy go before her, so she attempted to pee like a boy, standing over the potty. Huh....didn't see that coming.

I seem to always pose them in the sun....maybe I should stop that.

Daylen, Brody and Delaney

I love this one...

Brody just likes his eyes closed I guess

Me and Munch (and Opie)

Anyway, after church we had a brunch at our house with Eric's mom and step-dad and sister-in-law and nephew. It was very nice. We finished off the day at my parents house. Delaney went on her very first egg hunt and it was the cutest thing ever. Brody just wanted to drive the dump truck. All day we had been telling Delaney to say 'Happy Easter' and for some reason, it always came out, "Happy Easter egg everybody". It was too cute to fix.

Looking for eggs

Maybe there are some under the dirt...

Brody just like his tractor-he seriously drives this thing by himself!

Brody and Uncle Joe

Delaney and her eggs....very proud

It was a great day. Brody had his very first Easter! I was thinking back to last year and how ginormously pregnant I was. Wow....what a difference year makes. God is good.

The big man in his new chair (he needs a haircut)


  1. Not that it's a surprise, but Addyson has that same dress! In fact, you could have had hers for free. How's that for a bargain. She wore hers last year at this time.

    Oh, and as for posing in the sun...sorta hard around these parts.

  2. The weather was great here too (today it was 89-unheard of for April!) My husband really gets into the holidays and was out at 11 pm the night before Easter hiding plastic eggs all over our yard!

  3. So glad you had a good day. The pictures are great and you are looking good too there momma:) See you around.


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