Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: "I'm a Big Boy Now"

Facing forward now....sleepy man

"Wook at Brody!"

Up the slide all by himself at McDonalds
Oops....I spilled


  1. Seriously, he's kicking the Bunch Babies asses!! But I'm very proud of him! And soon to be a for real big boy, no less! :) Hooray for Brody!

  2. Colton would just eat them all off the ground. Probably, I'd let him.

  3. Where did the last year go????!!! I love that he's so independent; so sure of what he wants - much to Delaney's irritation :) - and I love watching his little personality become so distinct. He's such a cuddler...and SUCH a boy! xoxo mom

  4. What adorable pictures! Happy WW!



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