Monday, April 19, 2010

Another First!

One of the things that I love about having little kids is watching them experience all their 'firsts'. The Pima County Fair is in town and Eric and I decided to take the kids! We thought it might be a good introduction to a much smaller, much trashier version of Disneyland (which we are going to visit soon)! Daylen was with us this weekend and we we excited that he got to come too!

This was a big weekend for Delaney! She conquered some fears! She has always hated jumping castles, but we finally got her in the one at Brody's party and petting zoos have always freaked her out! BUT, at the fair, we went into the petting zoo and there were little baby goats everywhere and she really liked that. She finally uncoiled herself from my hip and went to pet the little guys.

I am just gonna put it out there.... I HATE GOING ON RIDES! So much. Even watching them, makes me want to yak. Daylen,on the other hand, loves most of them. He found one that he really wanted to go on and asked Eric to go with him. Now this was funny. I watched Eric contemplating whether or not he could take it (sorry babe, but you know it's true). He finally said, alright sure and off they went. Delaney and Brody watched from the stroller and I was watching for Eric to puke. But, they both made it.....

That's Daylen and Eric...spinning like a cyclone (ha how I used the name of the ride)

Watching the crazy guys!

We saw the cute little tea cups and I thought that would be perfect for Delaney's first ride. Eric, being the sweet daddy that he is, went on it with her. She was NOT a fan! She freaked out! Yes, the child that supermans off the couch onto a bean bag, was afraid of the tea cups. So maybe we stay away from that one in Disney!

This year they had a shark exhibit in one of the halls and I thought that might be cool (smaller Sea World, right?). It was a semi with a shark tank in the back! So strange! Anyway, Delaney loved it....she kept clapping for the diver and ooohhh  and awwwing. Phew...she will like Sea World.

Eric showing the brew some love (Ahh....Miller Lite)

Daylen wanted to go on the Tilt A Whirl so we headed that way and saw a cute little train. Okay, I could do THAT with Delaney. So we got on and went around in a circle a few times and she loved it! My butt hurt like crazy when we were done, but it was worth it to see her have fun.

On the Tilt A Whirl, Eric and Daylen were laughing so hard, I thought they were going to pass out. Somehow, they figured out how to lean to the side and get the thing to spin around even more. NO THANK YOU! They ended up going on it twice.

Two of my boys:)

On our way out, Delaney saw the train again....this time she wanted Daddy to go. Let me tell ya, Eric in the train- HILARIOUS! His knees barely fit! We found out after that ride that Brody could have gone on it too, but we were out of tickets! Bummer!

In the train....please look at where Eric's knees are! Such a good Daddy!

Again..the knees

So, 2 lemonades, 4 sodas, ranch fires, a kabob, and an indian fry bread later, we headed home. Good times at the fair.

Daylen and Delaney enjoying some fries.

**BTW Brody was there. He slept through a lot of it, but I apparently didn't take any pictures of him.
Good Mom**

My life......


  1. LOVE that last pic of the kids! adorable :) sounds like you guys had fun... disney will be tons more fun! i can't wait to see how that goes :)

  2. I love that Delaney leaves her sunglasses cute. Looks like you had fun -- but I'm with you - no on the rides! xoxo mom

  3. How fun!! I love watching Adam take the kids are rides, he can't ever fit in the ride and Ethan or Malia are always totally squished, but they love it! Disneyland will be so much fun for them. They will have so much fun!!

  4. Oh, the teacups! I avoid them at all costs because...they make me SO SICK.

    I do like rides though...just not fair rides. At Disneyland, however, I run from ride to ride with glee. I LOVE that place. :)


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