Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's My Party!

My BIG one year old!

For Brody's first birthday party we decided to have it at a park near our house. This appealed to me for a couple reasons. First of all, the entertainment was built in (but we did rent a jumping castle). Second, the messes that were made, were NOT in my house. And third, I DID NOT have to clean my house before the
party. See, I have a small obsession with the house being super clean when ANYONE is coming over, so when it's a party- forget about it. I must say, Eric was pleased with the less stressed Nicole too! Here are some pictures from the big day....

This was right before Brody pulled the plug on the cooler, flooding the ramada....only him!

Delaney taking a break from the jumping castle

Some party animals:)

Brody's cake (No it's not supposed to BE him....just a monkey theme- it's the best I could do)

Wondering why everyone is singing????

Brody's smash cake....

Delaney wondering where his bib is.

He got way into the cake!!! Delaney had to check it out.

Love him.

Holy Moly.

We ended up having to strip him and wash him in the water fountain! There are more pictures....but they are on my sister's camera. If it has to do with technology, I break it....

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who came. It means so much to us to have such amazing family and friends that support us and come to a one year old's birthday party.

Granddaddy, Uncle Josh, Rachel, Uncle Joe, Mimi, Pepa, Nanny, Great Aunt Leigh Ann, Great Uncle Bob, Kevin, Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma Harding....we missed you!

And of course we missed all of our friends that couldn't make it:)


  1. It looks like he had a great time! Hunter, Ethan and I are very sad to have missed it. His cake was adorable and he is very lucky to have you guys to throw him such a fun party!

  2. Such fun. Not too hot - and actually pleasant by the end of the afternoon. Glad Delaney finally broke the code of the jumping castle. If anyone was meant to be in that thing - it's her. And we found out that Brody LOVES cake. So handy that there was a water fountain close by!
    xoxo mom


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