Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Brody,

Dear Brody,

Today is your FIRST birthday! You are ONE today. I really can't believe it. Last year, on this day, your daddy and I checked into the hospital and waited to meet you. I spent the day (and the whole 9 months before) picturing what you looked like. At 4:51 that Friday afternoon, we got to found out. You were so cute! The doctor put you on my chest and I instantly fell in love. I looked at you and couldn't believe that you were my son. You and I spent your first time night in this world, by ourselves. Daddy was home with Delaney and we got some quality time together. I remember holding you against my chest, you were all curled up snuggling with me- what an amazing feeling.

I love you so much. You are the funniest little boy. I love how infectious your smile and personality are. I think that your laugh is the most adorable sound in the world. It cracks me up when you swipe your sister's toys, just because you want what she is touching. I love the way you love your blanket and the way you love me. When I get you out of your crib, you make my heart melt with your excitement. Your sleeping habits aren't the best, but every single time I am rocking you in the middle of the night, I look down at your chubby cheeks and I am in awe that you are mine.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I remember being terrified about having two kids. I didn't know how to do it. It didn't matter to you though. You just knew that I was your mommy and that I loved you. That was all I needed.

We just finished your first birthday party. It was so fun. I am sitting here writing this with tears streaming down my face because I am so overwhelmed by my love for you and your sister. Tonight, I have a 2 year old and a one year old. Wow....thank you for making it so easy to be your mommmy (if you want to sleep more though, that'd be okay).  I love your guts Monkey. You complete my world. Happy Birthday.



  1. It's too early to be did a great job being mommy this year! Now on to the next year of adventures! Happy Birthday Brody!

  2. I love that Brody plunges right in to whatever captures his attention; love that he loves his blankie and snuggles so easily. I love his little folds and plump legs and toothy smile. I love that he has so much personality for a one year old! You're a great mom, sweetie...both kids are so outgoing and fun and will never be accused of being wall flowers in a room full of people! That's really something to celebrate!
    xoxo mom

  3. The years go by so quickly don't they?

  4. Love this post, Happy birthday to your little man!

  5. Wow thanks for making me cry too:) We do have some cute boys:) May the years to come continue to make you feel like you do right now. There are days that I am going crazy because James and Jessica won't quit fighting or arguing with me and I just say at those times "I love being a mommy I love being a mommy" smiling the whole time. I really do love being a mommy. I've wanted to all my life and never thought I'd have 3. Hope Brody's still having fun with birthday things. See you at church birthday boy:)

  6. Too sweet Nicole! Happy 1st Birthday Brody! We sure do miss all of you!


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