Monday, June 21, 2010

"Are ya sure....?" Day 3

The evening of our second day in Disneyland we headed to San Diego. It was nice, peaceful drive since all 4 of the kids were asleep in the back:) When we arrived in San Diego, we headed downtown to see the sweet hotel that Eric's brother hooked us up with. When we got downtown, I saw our hotel, I looked up and saw this....

Let me just say real quick that I have an unhealthy fear of heights and Delaney has a slight fear of alibators (elevators) so seeing this was a bit scary. Beautiful, but scary. We decided that valet was probably not the best option since we had 2 crying, hungry, dirty kids, a trashed mini van, luggage and other crap crammed in every nook and cranny, etc. So we looked for the self-park. First, we get a ticket to pay a butt load of money for parking, then we are off to find a place. Eric heads to the covered parking when I very quickly realize that our awesome car topper (thx Pam) was not going to fit under there, so I scream, "Stop....the top thing!' He stops, I am laughing my butt off and then he decides that this is ridiculous and we are way to far from the hotel to cart all the crap up to the room. We head to little booth and to ask the man where the hell to go. Please understand that Eric is wearing a tank top, a hat, has a scruffy face, tattoos everywhere, I am wearing a hat, I have a super sun burned face, we have dirty diapers lying on the was less than impressive. So, we ask him where to check in and he says, "Huh, are you sure you are staying at this hotel?" I could not keep in the laughter. We must have looked so white trash. I was in tears laughing as we head up the valet drive to check in and go over a speed bump as the shocks make a lovely squeaking sound. Sweet.

Anyway....we ended up staying on the 20th floor. That's right....20. That's a lot of height and lot of alibator rides. This was our view, courtesy of Kaylie....

My nightmare...

No fear.... of heights anyway

Anyway.... it was Sea World day!! I love Sea World. I showed Delaney a video online before we left about it and she kept telling me that Shamu was a really, really big cow. And he swimmin. I was pretty excited to see her reactions. Plus, she loves turtles and dolshins (she can't say 'f''s).

So we arrive....

first we head to the Wild Artic Exhibit.

Brody wondering what the heck is in the pool..

Delaney and Daddy checking out the Beluga whales

He loved it!

Chillin'... (hehe)

Kaylie and Brody...this was the last time we saw both of Brody's shoes.

Next was the shark encounter. Way fun, but sadly one of Brody's shoes never made it out.
Maybe a shark ate it, who knows. RIP brand new blue croc.

Anyway.... as we were walking I heard a weird noise and looked to my right and saw this:

A freakin flock of flamingos just walking down the road. I really dislike birds (I know, I know, they are God's creatures, yada yada yada. I don't like them. They always poop on me and a duck bit my butt once). Anyway, this freaked me out. It was the strangest thing

Next we went to see the Cyde and Seamore show which was adorable. Brody kept pointing to the animals and saying, "this" which just means that he wants us to know that he sees it.

After the show we just kinda walked around taking it all in.

Kaylie and Delaney right before a full on Delaney tantrum

Now she walks away and turns around and says, "you stay here mommy, let me go"

We knew we couldn't miss the Shamu show so we headed in the stadium with the herd and found our seats. Waiting for 30 minutes with 2 We did everything to keep them occupied. We kept telling Delaney that Shamu is a whale and not a swimming cow and then she started calling him that's his new name. The show started and the fact that there's a killer whale, right there, is amazing, but the show was kinda boring. The kids did love it so that made me happy.

And then Delaney was able to see her turtles

Brody....didn't so much care


Since Brody was shoeless we didn't let him down much so when we saw the grassy area, we let him go crazy.

Yep...his shirt says, "I'm smooth like butter"

Decided he was thirsty so he stole Kaylie's Pepsi

After running around like crazy people, we went to the pool that has all the star fish in it and Kaylie helped Delaney look at them

And then we headed over to the Manta Rays, Kaylie's favorite thing to do. We hung out for awhile and watched those awesome creatures.

The end of the day was drawing near and it was getting cool out and the kids were EXHAUSTED, but Eric was set on seeing the new dolphin show, Blue Horizons, and I am so happy that he did. It blew the other ones out of the water (hehehe). It was great!

Eric bought Delaney a dolshin

A successful day, an exhausted baby, a sweet big brother.......


Day 3..... done. Thanks for reading and humoring me. One more day and then it's done!


  1. We have the exact same photo of the flamingos from the week before! Sounds like a great trip

  2. what a fun, memorable time! THanks for sharing your story :)

  3. man, that looks like so much fun!! Your kids are so cute =)

  4. So...suggestion....start getting the hubby to take some more with you in them. You'll appreciate it later. Otherwise you'll ALWAYS be bhind the lens, and never have proof that you were any of these places ;)

    I see here you mention how you got the hotel. How does he have connections? Which hotel? Was it expensive?

  5. Wow! What a small world. My Aunt just sent me an email and said it's my cousin Julie walking your favorite creatures, the flamingos. Sure enough it is! She just started working for them a few weeks ago. Funny how she's on your blog :) Looks like a great trip!

  6. We looked VERY white trash when we left San Diego and went to check in at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach. The bell hop and the valet kept making weird eye contact at each other..."really, these people are staying here?!!" as they drove off the mini amongst the BMW and Mercedes: )


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