Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2.....

Ok....settle in.... here's day 2. We had a two day park hopper pass so we headed back to Disneyland for some more adventures.
We made it just in time to see the first show that the characters do right in front of the castle. We were front row for all the action. The second the marching band came out, Delaney....plugged her ears. Kaylie sat next to her to make sure that she was okay...........
During the show, Pluto noticed her plugging her ears and spent the next 5 minutes trying to make her feel better. It was so adorable. She never gave in.

Here he comes....

He tried so hard, bless his heart

After the show, we took a family picture. I know the big kids were annoyed, but I told them from the beginning that this is a family trip, who knows how many more we will do all together and they just need to deal:) They did....

Then off to the carousel. Delaney was jumping up and down wanting to ride a horsey. So Kaylie said she would take her and I would take Brody. Let me just pause here and tell you all how awesome the big kids were on this trip. They jumped in to help any time it was needed and they were just as excited to see the babies reactions as we were. They were great. This, for example. was one of those awesome moments from Kaylie. I didn't think that Delaney would love the ride and boy was I right. She cried and cried and cried. Kaylie kept her cool and tried to keep Delaney from leaping off the horse. Brody.... was cool, calm and collected.

We went on the Storybook Land ride before heading over to Toon town again.

This next picture cracks me up. The day before, the big kids eash bought a Phineas and Ferb shirt. Kaylie planned on wearing hers and to her dismay, Daylen wore his too.... I told them I wanted a picture of the Phineas and Ferb twins. Kaylie was not amused.

Leaving Disneyland and heading to California Adventure.

Daylen really wanted to go on California Screamin but there was no way that Eric or I was getting on the crazy ass thing.

We happened to see Mickey while we were over there, so we waited in the line because I thought Delaney would die if she didn't get to hug him. Anyone who knows Delaney, knows her obsession with Mickey. She has loved him since she was 6 months old and here was her moment........

and she grabs his junk..... But still way cute.

Next we headed over to the little water park that they have for the little kids. Delaney was a bit hesitant, but Brody the psycho child came out. He was so funny. He had people stopping and watching and laughing like crazy. He went balls to the walls and I loved watching.

This is Eric bringing Brody back over near me because he was on a dead sprint all over the water park,

Kaylie and Brody

After the water park we went to see Playhouse Disney Live. It was one of the main things that I wanted to do and the little kids LOVED it....after Brody woke up

This was actually INSIDE Playhouse Disney Live.....he was sleepy.

That's the end of our second day at Disney!! We headed to San Diego that evening and then had 2 more fun filled days there~~~

Bored yet???


  1. LOVE the Mickey picture! That is classic. :)Looks like you guys had a great time, can't wait to see the rest of it!

  2. LOVE the pic of delanely grabbing mickey's fun zone! hilarious! :)


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