Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Old Fashioned Family Vacation: Day 1

****Warning: You are about to read a very long post with pictures that probably won't interest you. I must let you know in advance that I took a crap load of pictures and want to post them for my own memories and for whoever else wants to see them.
This is day one. I am thinking there will be about 4. Hold on:)

We finally went on our first *whole* family vacation. Where else does a family of 6 go to have fun? California, of course. So, we load up the family truckster aka Wally wagon aka the killer mini van and we headed out.
A 14 year old, an eleven year, a two year old, and a one year old....all packed in, ready to go.


That's how we roll.....

And we're off..........

The snack basket.

Typical teenager:)

We accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up taking the scenic route to LA. So here we are in an unplanned destination:  Wickenburg, AZ.

Kaylie and Brody...

Delaney and Daylen at McDonalds

Photo op in Wickenburg....see the sign in the background:)

FINALLY, after a ton of stops and lots of Caillou and Dora, we arrived in Anaheim. This was Brody's first time in a hotel room and he went ballistic. The hotel room was pretty small, we moved the beds so we could put Brody's pack n play in between them and Daylen slept in a chair (he wanted too), but it worked.  We decided to go eat dinner and get ready for the next day: DISNEYLAND.

Monkey and Daylen

Kaylie and Delaney coloring

After a long day of traveling with 4 kids....Eric and I found our sanity in the form of liquid.


Delaney running on fumes....

Brody, picking his nose, checking out girls

Okay....the day had arrived. Delaney was finally going to see Mickey Mouse and give him a hug. We went down and had breakfast first.....

and then we made it to

We loaded the stroller up with 2 diaper bags, a blanket, 2 sippy cups, 4 bottles of water and 2 toddlers and we made it in. Delaney instantly saw Mickey! I watched her reaction and thank goodness, NO TEARS! She does have a little issue with loud noises and when she is nervous or afraid, she plugs her ears. SO, 3/4 of the pictures have her plugging her ears.

The kiddos....

On Daddy's shoulders after checking out the opening parade (plugging her ears)

We thought we'd jump right in and go on It's A Small World. Delaney was hesitant at first, but quickly began to love it and Brody thought it was awesome!

The men.

The sisters

After the ride, we headed to Toontown. Let me just say, this place is the cutest thing I have ever seen. We headed over to Minnie's house to see what was going on and to our surprise, Minnie came right out next to the stroller! Delaney was SO EXCITED!!!! Minnie shook her hand and then went over to her house, so we followed. While we were waiting in line, Delaney said, "Mommy, just tell them excuse me. It's my turn now." When I told her we had to wait, she took it upon herself and yelled, "Move people, I want to hug Minnie. Come on!" So, after that embarrassment, we made it up to see her.

Minnie's house
Waiting in line....


Happy moment:

We went around Toontown and had a blast.

Delaney in Minnie's kitchen watching the cake bake

Brody in Mickey's house

Daylen lifting weights

Photo op with Goofy

After Toontown we had some lunch and made it just in time for the HUGE Celebrate parade on Main Street. It was a way cool show and the kids loved it. At one point they have the kids go out onto the street and dance and Delaney was all about that (with her ears plugged).


Brody taking it all in

Brody and Eric...

Delaney waiting in line for Pooh and Tigger. She was so funny...she kept saying, "I just want to hug him. ok? Just right now I do it."


The kids did awesome, but the odds are pretty good with a one and a two year old that some tempers are gonna rise. And then you get this....

Followed by this:

But not Monkey....he's too cool for school

Kaylie's ears:)

Me and Eric in California Adventure.

We started the day at 10:30 and left at 9:45. Long day, but totally worth it.

And that folks is just day one. Now I know you can hardly contain yourselves for the rest of the week, but you're going to have to. Stay tuned:)


  1. Yay!! I love it! Looks like so much fun! Brody has so many of the same clothes as the Bunchkins! I love it! Can't wait for Day 2!!

  2. those were so cute! It looks lke they loved it!! I loved the last one, co cute!!

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time and love the pics. Can't wait for the rest of the week.

  4. Were there a lot of things for the littlest ones to do there? Trying to decide what we will do when we go. We will only spend two days there. So one day will be beach, and the other will be either disney land or sea world. Not sure. Advice?

  5. great pictures.


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