Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have a step-daughter. She is 14 and she is gorgeous. I met Kaylie when she was in 3rd grade and loved dressing likes twins with her best friend, Whitney. She knew me as Miss Kelley and I thought she was the cutest thing ever. Now she is going to high school. High school. How crazy its that? I have a one year old, a two year old and then a step-son who is going to be in 7th and Kaylie who will be a freshman. She is going to Cienega and will be a freshman cheerleader. I loved high school and I hope she does too. I hope that she has opportunities to "find herself". To figure out who she is and what she thinks and feels. Not what others tell her. I hope she has a blast, but studies and gets good grades. I hope that she realizes what a support team she has and will always have and that she will utilize us in that way. I hope that she makes friends that are true friends. I met two of my closest friends, in high school. I hope she goes to dances and experiences things.... on her own, because SHE wants to. I hope she is happy:)

She had her promotion from 8th grade, which apparently is a HUGE deal at her school. All the kids dressed up and she looked gorgeous.

This is us... not sure why my hand is on my hip and I am usual

Eric's step-dad and mom

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  1. She is adorable...your stepdaughter :)Those are very sweet wishes, it is very apparent how much you care about her :)


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