Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Know You're a Mom Whens-DAZE.... Sheets

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I have to preface this with an "I'm sorry Mom, but this will probably gross you out." So here it goes. I hate laundry. That's never been a secret. I have never been good at it. I suck, in fact. There is no satisfaction in it- maybe because it's non freaking stop. What goes along with laundry? Washing stupid sheets. I truly hate doing this. Delaney's sheets are hard to put on, our bed is huge and I always put at least one thing on the wrong end, and changing crib sheets.... forget about it. So, I don't exactly do it that often. I know this grosses you out are a weekly sheet changing kinda gal, me not so much.

You know you're a mom when..... the sheets get washes, when someone pees in em. Unfortunately that is all. the. time. right now. Delaney's diaper will leak, I won't know, she'll come into my bed around 630 am (like she does everyday) and therefore gets pee all over my sheets (Eric's side:) so now I am up to 2 sets of stupid sheets. Then when Brody man wakes up, I go in, and he has peed through his diaper onto his sheets and his beloved blanket. CRAP!!! Now I know what you are all thinking. Um...hello...overnight diapers? Yeah, check- on my list.

So you see, I guess it's a good thing that they are trashing all the sheets, cuz now they are washed pretty much every other day. Thanks kids:)


  1. Ok don't feel bad... Malia likes to sleep on this certain blanket, so she doesn't even have sheets on her crib, I know totally lazy, but it works. All I have to do is pick up the blanket and wash it, then throw it back down, don't worry it's a huge blanket and really comfy. I'm so glad you post stuff like this, it totally makes me feel normal!

  2. LOL That sounds like our house. The kids that don't have night time issues have the dirtiest sheets in the house! I'm right there with ya on hating the laundry!

  3. I appreciate the in-advance apology about the post. Dirty sheets DO gross me out. I'm hopeful that when the kids aren't wetting the bed at night the sheets get changed at least once a fortnight. (That's right - fortnight. You'll have to look it up. :)) xoxo Mom
    and PS -- You know I hate doing laundry too...I just hate dirty sheets more.

  4. Ah..I hate washing sheet and making the beds..and leaking diapers!!

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  6. Just a suggestion but if you don't want to buy overnight diapers there are plastic pants you can put over their diaper and it helps not having to change sheets, at least it helped with my kids. Just a thought. This too shall pass, hang in there:)


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