Monday, July 12, 2010

In 10...

Susan from Susan Fobes Family Formula passed on an award to me that's entitled "I'm Going Places". Now I need to think about where I will be in 10 years.....

  1. I will be almost 40, instead of almost 30!
  2. I will have a 24 year old step-daughter and a 22 year old step-son. (Holy hell)
  3. Delaney will be almost 13.... what a lovely age for a girl (so not)
  4. Brody will have just turned 11 and will be in middle school.
  5. I hope that Eric and I will own a house that we LOVE and put 'us' into.
  6. I hope that my Juice Plus is soaring and all my family and friends are on it- IMPROVING their health.
  7. I hope that my family is still close by
  8. I hope that my kids will have learned how important family, values, morals, Faith and respect are in living a responsible life.
  9. I hope to still be blogging.... I think
  10. I hope that we have a boat (I really want a boat)
  11. I hope that Eric and I are still super in love and are silly happy with each other and our family.
  12. I hope that things settle down and life becomes easier to handle.
  13. I hope that I learn to love to work out and my butt is tighter than it is now (which can't be that hard, considering the current condition it's in)
  14. I hope to be the ultra organized, cool, fun, but strict mom..... who knows how to play football:)
  15. I long as I have my family, I will be good with whatever God gives me.
Thanks Susan....that was fun. I know that I am supposed to pass this on, but I don't know who will do it. SO if ya feel up to it, please do it and leave a comment letting me know!


  1. That was fun to read. It's hard to believe where I've come from since high school, 20 years ago, WOW! Found out that I'm excited about what and who I have in my life and glad about what I left behind which was nothing after all these years. Some friends I wish I could have brought along with me to see more but thank goodness for facebook:)

  2. Your list was way better than mine!


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