Monday, July 5, 2010

Where Did The Weekend Go?

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This past weekend went by way too fast. My brother, Josh, and his girlfriend, Rachel, were in town last week and the kids were super excited! They had a ton of fun with them, we are sad that they just moved to Portland and we won't be seeing them as much :(

Me, Josh and Danielle (our sis)

My dad, Brody and Josh

Rachel, Delaney, Josh and Brody

The weekend started with me making butter cream icing and fondant. See, a mom from the school I used to teach at, was getting married and was CRAZY and asked me to make her wedding cake! So I took on the task with the disclosure that it would not be perfect, but I would do the best I could.

Saturday morning we went to Lowes to get Eric an early birthday present. His birthday is this coming Saturday, but what he was getting, couldn't wait.

Out with OLD....


in with the NEW:

Eric's new grill!

I spent the rest of the day making cakes and then screwing them up.... Eric kept the kids busy and grilled some chicken for dinner. I then stayed up until midnight, starting over on the wedding cake.

Sunday morning, the 4th of July, we went to church. I LOVED Delaney's dress. I got it as a shower gift...she is finally big enough to wear it!

At church

My firecrackers

After church, it was all about the cake. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me, but I didn't realize just HOW much. The kids took a nap and Eric recognized my need for something and he jumped in. I seriously couldn't knead the fondant anymore, so he did.

Kneading and kneading and kneading

The kids woke up and he quickly realized that I was not exaggerating when I told him it is super hard to decorate a cake with the kids running all over the place... and he was helping me, so we called in reinforcements. Nana to the rescue! She kept the kids busy while we finished the cake. Eric was amazing. I could not believe how much help he was. He helped rolled the fondant, measure the stripes, he put the stars on while I piped....he did tons. After 4 hours NON -STOP we finished. The wedding cake was done and this is what our kitchen looked like:


Oh and this is what the cake looked like:

She got married on the 4th of July... appropriate cake right?

After we delivered it, Eric admitted that he figured out why I am so exhausted after doing a cake. I was secretly happy he figured that out....
We decided to celebrate the 4th by having a nice relaxing Mexican dinner. Yeah, that was stupid. Brody decided to begin the terrible twos at 14 months, at a restaurant. He was throwing all his food and he also threw his cup in to my freaking margarita. Not okay. We ate quickly and I chugged my refreshed margarita and we decided to head across the street for some ice cream.

Leaving the restaurant

Checking out the flavors...all 31 :)

They have a very cute kids table. A very light, cute kids table. That table was all over the place. This is Eric pissing Brody off by holding down the table. So relaxing..

Very pleased with himself

My kids.

We went home and put them to bed. No, we didn't do fireworks, we were too tired. Next year....maybe.


  1. That wedding cake you made looked beautiful! What a wonderful job you did! What a perfect design for the occasion :) BTW, I think that new grill is the same one my husband has! He loves it!

  2. Wow the cake turned out absolutely beautiful!!! You should be so happy with it!!! Good for you! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

  3. Her dress is adorable and the cake was very cute, very appropriate. James and Jessica both started the terrible twos at 18 months, Jessica isn't quite done yet:) James finished at 3. He woke up on his birthday and was a totally different kid. Jason if he's bad it's the screaming that is driving me crazy but that is it so far. Can totally handle that. Glad it was a bearable weekend and hope to see you next:)

  4. That cake was awesome, you are seriously really talented (and Eric too)! Eric's by his grill... priceless, totally reminds me of Adam except our grill sucks!

  5. your little ones are too cute! and don't worry about the terrible two's, i'm right there with ya, although henry decided to start at birth ;)

  6. Wow, great cake! I can see why your tired. LOL!


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