Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

We did it. It was time. Brody man, got a hair cut (one word or two?). Anyway, I seriously loved his curls in the back. We are not quite sure where the curls came from- both of us have totally straight hair. Eric says that "Sancho" has curly hair, Brody's "real dad". So for now that's our story (wink, wink).

ANYWAYS...........( I can almost hear my daddy saying that). Brody's hair was becoming somewhat of a mullet, comb over, crazy do, plus he couldn't really see anymore, so we decided it was time. I was a little nervous. Delaney has only had one haircut in her life and that didn't go so well.
We went to Cost Cutters armed with organic suckers from Trader Joe's and a camera and documented this momentous event!

                                                  Here is the hairdo...... yeah......

Brody waiting for his haircut.

Here we go.....

"Delaney...am I okay?

"Yes Brody man, you doing great!"


Here is what we got:

He still has some curls, but he looks so grown up! He did great! The sucker was a huge help, until it got covered with hair....
Oh and Delaney made it very clear that Brody is the only one who needs to have a haircut. She said, "I don't cut my hair. I don't need a haircut, okay. I a princess and princess don't cut their hair."
Good to know....

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  1. It looks very cute. My grandmother had straight hair all her life and when they had to shave her head for surgery it came back in very curly. Maybe you should do the same and see what happens, well without surgery:) Just kidding.


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