Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Day

Eric and I have decided that Sundays are forever more going to be 'family days'. Meaning, we will do everything we can to not work on the truck, do stuff in the yard, etc. We will go to church, and then do some sort of activity. Sound fun? We think so. Today, we started the day by going to church. Delaney LOVES church!! She basically runs to her class. Brody is good after his initial screaming during drop off and the big kids go, barely awake. After church, Eric and I decided that we would drive down th Patagonia to eat at The Velvet Elvis, a local pizza place and then head down to the lake and walk around a bit.
Of course, I start every family event with high expectations. I expect a perfect outing nothing less.  You would think I would learn my lesson.

Here we go. The whole gang loaded up in the killer mini van. Kaylie's friend, Whitney, came with us on the fun filled outing too!! The drive was quick and as soon as Brody woke up we were at The Velvet Elvis. Okay so I think somehow I forgot how freaking horrible it is to be at a restaurant with the little kids. Ugh. Brody tries to stand in the high chair or throws his one point he threw his sippy cup that had Sprite in it (gasp! soda! yep... don't judge) and it started spraying everywhere so I had to put it in my mouth to stop it. Delaney was taken outside three different times  because she was being that special. Kaylie and Whitney were sad that the had no service on their cells and Daylen was trying to figure out what it was he didn't like about the pizza. But, Delaney peed on the potty there (she is potty trained now, but this was our first long car ride) and the bathroom doors were hilarious. The men's room had a 'cave like drawing' on it, with a wiener between it's legs and the women's restroom had the same kind of drawing but with a huge hole (you know where) and a baby in the belly! So not what you would expect. Cool beans.

I gave the camera to Kaylie and she took these awesome shots

I love these ones:)

Kaylie and Whitney

We finished our lunch, went outside for a picture and were ready to get to the lake to hang out.

Shot #1....Delaney's not looking and it looks like Whitney has a halo!

Shot # 2... Tired of telling Delaney to look so she got picked up and Whit still has a halo:)

Another 20 minutes in the car and we were waiting to pay a fee to see the lake. Apparently the fact that it is Labor Day weekend escaped our mind when we planned this adventure because you see..... so did 1700 other car loads. Yeah we couldn't even get into the park!! Oops

We head back to Patagonia to let the kids run around at the park for a bit. We pull up to the most ghetto playground I have ever seen in my life. As I am getting Brody out, I notice that he had peed through his diaper and pants so I ask Eric to hand me the diaper only to realize we don't have it. SWEET!! It occurred to us that we left it on the table at the pizza place after taking the picture. I had a random diaper so I changed that at least and Eric went to get the bag while I went with the kids to the playground. Seriously this place, was so gross. The play equipment was not even dug into the ground so the slide drop offs were like 4 feet in the air. I knew the big were less than thrilled with the day, but tell me they aren't having fun...

Such a good big brother...

I had had enough. I was tired of making sure no one touched the ground or picked up a needle or something so we made the trek home.

Not what I envisioned, to say the least, but hey.... it was a family day and now we have these memories.


  1. I think it's those 'messed up' family days that I remember the most -- usually with a big smile.
    I love that you're putting the 'family' back in Sundays!
    xoxo Mom

  2. That's awesome that you guys are doing that! By the way, you wanna come finish potty training Ethan, he's driving me CRAZY!!!


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