Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little "WT" Never Hurts:)

Last Monday, yes Labor  Day, we had big plans to go to Mt. Lemmon, but due to the family day disaster, we opted out of that plan for fear of a repeat. So, we went to Home Depot. That's the same right? Anyhow, Eric is almost done with this AWESOME project that he has been working on for me (love that he is so handy), and we had to buy some finishing touches. As we were leaving, hot dogs sounded super yummy, so we sat down at the Moon Dog trailer and had some lunch. The funny thing is, it was the best behaved our kids have ever been while eating some place other than home. So random! Brody loved watching the cars and trucks go by.


Having some lunch

Such a boy

Photo op the The Home Depot....Classic

Now that Delaney is potty trained (Hallelujah) she really likes all her new big girl chonies (yes that's what we call them) She has all kinds.... Ariel, Minnie, Kai-Lan.
Now, when we are at home, this is what she looks like:

Yes, those are pink gardening boots with purple chonies, a green shirt, and stickers on her legs.

Same day....but she found her Kai-Lan chonies so she had to wear those instead.
Such a cute booty.


  1. hahaha!!! Toooo cute in her big girl chronies!!! lol! Love the one with the boots and the stickers on her legs!! Congratulations on a successful meal outside of the house, it always feels so good when it goes well! :)

  2. I think all little girl's should have pink gardening boots and all little boys should be allowed to sit and look at the cars at home depot while eating a hot dog...could they be any cuter??
    xoxo mom

  3. i am guessing the WT stands for "white trash?" if it does, then don't worry, you are FAR from it! nothing wrong with a trip to the home depot, moon dogs or hanging out in your chonies! totally cute :)

  4. Gotta love big girl undies. Addyson is currently sitting on the floor, petting the dog, and wearing nothing but a pair of flowered briefs. Sigh. Whatever.

  5. Should I tell you that family outings are still a gamble even when your kids are older, or should I let you discover this yourself? LOL! Older kids yes, but a different set of problems... Winging it still works better for us too.


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