Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sunday the big kids were with us again. To their dismay, it was family day, again. We decided to head down to 4th Ave. and walk around. Nothing too exciting, but it was different. I read about a trolley ride on my friend, Sam's, blog and thought that could be fun.

We got a super late start (we went to church that morning and we are taking Financial Peace University so I stayed for that), but finally made it down there. It is such a different atmosphere

. As I was walking up and down the street with my family, I thought about all the other times that I had been up and down that road, but with such a different life. When I was like 21 and 22 I was at O'Malleys and/or Maloney's every Thursday and Saturday nights. During that time I hung out with a group of 4-5 of my best guy friends and we had SO MUCH FUN! The funny thing is, I totally don't remember the trolley AT ALL. The trolley conductor told us that it used to run on those nights and take the college kids back and forth.... somehow I missed that!

Anyway, we walked up and down 4th, Kaylie and Amber went into the Hippie Gypsy, we had Dairy Queen and rode the trolley. Random, but nice afternoon:)

Waiting outside the Hippie Gypsy, for the girls...

Enjoying some ice cream

D-Man (as Delaney calls him)

I let Brody hold his cone.... he grinned the whole time

Checking out the trolley

Brody trying to decided if he's okay

Daylen got to ring the bell to signal our departure

Eric and Brody

My brave girl...she only plugged her ears for like 3 minutes...then she LOVED IT!


  1. So funny! Colton is always thrilled to "do it himself." I cringe inside every time at the mess that is sure to come, but I let him do it anyway.

  2. Brandon and I had a great time in FPU and have paid off our car and have saving since taking that class. It changed our lives and now we are big Dave Ramsey fans. I hope it will change your life too!


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