Monday, August 23, 2010

What a week...

OMG. I don't remember when I haven't posted in this long. But then again, I don't remember being this busy in a while. The past week or so has been.... different. In the last week I (taking a deep breath) helped clean the garage, went to Costco, has no electricity for a couple hours, started a new job, prepared for my sister's bridal shower, started doing Zumba, turned 30, went to my first Premier Jewelery party, went to Wal Mart, took Brody Man to the doctor for a check up, took Daylen to school, made a baby shower cake and a bridal shower cake, threw a bridal shower....phew....just to name a few.

Let me start with my new job. My sister-in-law, Cortney, opened a group fitness studio, 5 minutes from my house and asked me if I would work in the daycare room in the mornings. I get to bring the kids, hang out with my niece and nephew and workout when I am not working. Duh, that was a no brainer. So, now I am working Monday through Friday from 7:45 am - about noon and I also work Tuesday evening for a couple hours. It has been very different getting up at the same time every day and getting all three of us ready to go, but at that the same time, I have it down already! I can get up, take a shower, do my make up and hair, make my bed, get the kids up, give them breakfast, get them dressed, do Delaney's hair, wash the morning dishes, and start a load of laundry all before 7:35!! And I get up at 6:15! I like having a routine.

Here's my new room..... there is no carpet yet...that will be here next week:)

Delaney, cousin Molly and cousin Liam (and Brody's back:)

Since, I am working there....I watched a class called Zumba. Yes, I have the seen the infomercial, but seeing it in person is a different story. It looked like so much fun! So I tried it and now I am hooked. It is SO fun!!
Check it out.....The studio is called Canyon Fitness and the website is

I also took Brody man to the doctor this past week. I took all three with me to the doctor (Delaney and Braydon) which was a first. Not easy....but I did it. Brody was a champ. He stepped up onto the big boy scale and I watched the numbers go past 30 to 31. Yep, 16 months and 31 pounds. He is a healthy boy. He even got 2 shots and didn't cry- he put his hands in the air and mimicked me as I yelled, "yay!".

My big boy.....

During the week I had to start making some cakes. I was making a baby shower for a friend and I also had my sister's bridal shower cake (and everything else) to make.

I let Delaney have a little taste...

 I finished the baby shower cake and Eric said it was missing something....I only had the baby on top. Truth be told, it was 10:00 at night, I was exhausted and thought that it was just fine. He suggested that I make a blanket and teddy bear for the top and I politely said " No way, Jose" so he said, "Fine, I'll do it then". And he did!! I really hate to admit that when he suggests something for a cake, it ALWAYS works and makes it look better. So here is the finished product:

My sister's bridal shower pictures tomorrow:)
Meanwhile, I just got home from Zumba and I am going to go to bed early:)


  1. OK, I am tired just reading about your week! I've heard Zumba is addictive, but haven't tried it yet. And that cake is adorable!

  2. the room is cute -- the kids are cute and the cake is cute. I think you had a cute week instead of just a busy week :). xoxo mom

  3. The cake is beautiful! Sounds like you have been busy too...

  4. Love the cake and boy are you in your elements there at work:) So glad it's working out for you to have a job as well as have your kids, sounds like when you worked for me:) Anyway glad all is well. When you take a class, how much is childcare? Give me an email please:)


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