Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When-sDAZE: A Glimpse

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My kids are close in age.... so close that my doctor told me, when I was complaining about how low Brody was, she said, "Well, yeah, you didn't give your body anytime to recover, so he found spot (that obviously hadn't gone back to normal yet) and set up camp." "Awesome", I said. They are close.... they are also at each other NON-STOP. So you know you're a mom when you see a moment like this:

I can see of glimpse of my future when they will be great friends and play mates and will quit making me want to have a beer at noon:)

ps....aren't they cute?


  1. Yes, they are totally adorable! I have to say, though, even when they're older (mine are 12 and 16) you will still want that beer at noon sometimes....

  2. Let's just say I can TOTALLY relate! :) And yes, they are darn cute!

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  4. Nicole & Ami,
    Soon enough (or too soon as I think soemtimes) having them so close in age means they almost seem like they don't need you anymore because they have each other to occupy & keep each other company. Brett & Drew are 16 months apart & now they get up on the weekends & watch TV, play video games, boards, etc together and let us sleep in! It's wonderful! BUT soemtimes when they've been playing for hours just the 2 of them...I'm like "what about MOMMY!?! Doesn't anyone want me to play anymore!?!"


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