Saturday, August 7, 2010

"I a princess"

We had a girly morning. We needed to pick out a flower girl dress for Delaney for Danielle's wedding. It was so fun! Brody stayed home and we headed out to David's Bridal! Delaney loved looking through all the dresses and deciding which ones she thought were adorable.

Delaney looking through all the princess dresses.

Aunt D and Delaney

Her first dress: She really liked being pretty like 'Tinkerella'.

This is the second one, she stood on the pedestal and everything!

Aunt D telling her to spin...

Mommy and daughter...
Missy, Delaney and Me:)

Getting her princess slippers

After David's Bridal, we went to Tucson Mall to the Sweet Factory and Taco Bell. Happy day!


  1. Nicole! You look smokin hot in these pictures!! You look like a tiny little thing. And, of course, Delaney looks like the princess she is! :)

  2. I'd like to ditto Bridget! You look awesome! Your hair looks great and Delaney, well, those pictures just about made my day!

  3. Thanks ladies.... it was fun watching her!!

  4. She looks so cute. Glad you had a fun day!

  5. ami and bridget took the words right outta my mouth! you look awesome! and delaney is absolutely adorable! my favorite part of her outfit is her flip flops :)

  6. Delaney looks adorable!!! But seriously look how HOT you are!!!!! LOL!!!! You go girl: )

  7. Delaney looks adorable!!!! But look how HOT you are!!!! LOL. You go girl!


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